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Samsung Buds2 Pro Review

Today we are going to be discussing the latest Samsung Buds2 Pro that was released along side the Samsung Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4. This latest insertion is the successor of last year's Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro and in terms of packaging wise, you would notice that the Samsung Buds2 Pro is certainly more lightweight and doesn't have the glossy finish like its predecessor.

With that being said, the Buds2 Pro certainly feels very comfortable upon wear, and even its casing which is square looks more sleek and very attractive. Additionally, the Buds2 Pro has 3 color versions- in Bora Purple, Black and White.

So to go into the technicalities of the Buds2 Pro for a bit, let's start off with its battery capacity. Now for each bud, you get around 58 mAh while the case is 500 mAH; and as for its optimisations; the Buds2 Pro now allows you a full 6-7.5 hours of listening experience on a single charge which is impressive.

Sound quality wise is great with its equaliser and 24 bit Hi-Fi sound, and we have to say that the active noise cancellation has also improved greatly with its 3 high SNR microphones. Plus while there are still 3 modes which are ANC, Off and Ambient Sound, we have to say that with the in call cancelation talking on the Buds2 Pro, we actually preferred it due to its clarity rather than talking directly on the phone itself.

We should also mention on the charging capabilities as well because while a single charge can last up to 6-7.5 hours of listening experience, the charging time for a full charge does take about an hour and a half for a full charge on cable. However wireless charging is also available for this, but do take note that it takes about a full 2 hours to get it to a fully optimised charge.

Additionally, for those who enjoy the wonders of tech like we do, there is also a Voice Detect feature that turns off ANC and activates Ambient Sound once you were to start speaking. The touch controls are also prompt and simple to use; with all of them customisable to your needs of course.

Now we have to say that in terms of its size, the Buds2 Pro have certainly decreased and now weigh only 5.5 grams each which feels really nice when putting them on the ear. Plus if you are concerned with the buds getting wet or even submerged in water, fear not for with its IPX7 rating, it has the submersion for up to 1 meter of fresh water, which is great.

Retailing at RM899, it is certainly priced slightly higher than its predecessor but we have to say that with the additional upgrades of a longer battery life, style, great sound and comfortability, it is certainly a value for those who enjoy and are looking for a better listening experience. In the meantime, you can head on over to Samsung's Official Website for more information.

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