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Testing out the battery capacity of the Samsung Z Flip4 | Review

After a few weeks of using the Samsung Z Flip4, let's talk a little about its battery life because for a flip phone that is revolutionising the tech industry, we got to say that in terms of this aspect, we are impressed. Offering a good 4 hours more of battery life compared to its predecessor Samsung Z Flip3, the full capacity its battery life runs a full 9 hours on a single charge.

Now the above of course includes the full usage of the phone, whether its from taking photos and videos, surfing the internet, editing and more, so we have to say that at the increment of 3,700 mAh of its battery life from its predecessor (by 12% more), this definitely benefits the usage of the Z Flip4 more ways than one and is certainly quite impressive to say the least. However if you were to use it in its Standard mode which is the more power-efficient of the two, you get an additional half hour usage of battery which is really good too.

We should also add that we tested this out on the phone's default seeing which is the Z Flip's adaptive refresh rate setting which is a great feature that preserves the phone's battery life whilst adapting to your current workflow.

The Refresh Rate Options of the Samsung Z Flip4

  • Standard: Longer battery life with a 60 Hz screen refresh rate
  • Adaptive: Smoother graphics and motions and can adjust the screen refresh rate up to 120Hz

Personally, we think both of these settings are really good for the Z Flip4, and regardless if you are a heavy user and enjoy gaming and more, we have to say that the battery efficiency is a great improvement from its predecessor.

As for its recharging speed, it takes over an hour and a half for it to go from a 25% battery capacity to a full change. However we should mention that its charge is not as fast as we expected, but we suspect it was to ensure that the phone wouldn't excessively overheat which is good to be cautious of.

So on overall, the battery life on the Samsung Z Flip4 is a great improvement and it also features wireless charing at 15W. So if you would like to know all that and more, you can always head on over to Samsung's Official Website for further details.

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