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Pause & Oomph Launches Pause Natural Underarm Scrub and Body Deodorant

Pause & Oomph, a local skincare brand committed to clean and natural beauty, has announced the launch of its latest products aimed at redefining underarm care. As part of the brand’s natural approach to wellness, Pause is introducing the Pause Natural Underarm Scrub (Unscented), as well as the Pause Natural Body Deodorant available in two captivating scents: Japanese Cherry Blossom and Fresh Bamboo.  

Pause & Oomph aims to raise awareness about the unique needs of this often neglected area. While there is a misconception that sweating is not great, it is actually a natural and healthy bodily response, acting as a detox mechanism to regulate temperature and flush out toxins. However, it can also pose a problem for many in their day-to-day life, especially those who want to avoid sweating.

This leads to the use of traditional deodorants and antiperspirants, and while they work well to address sweat concerns, they may inadvertently block pores, leading to undesirable outcomes such as pimples, darkening, and unpleasant odours. However, these new products — designed to be used as part of a two-step underarm routine — are intended to solve these underarm issues at a foundational level. Firstly, by using the Pause Natural Underarm Detox Scrub, customers can first eliminate odours by unclogging their underarm pores. This removes dirt and impurities such as  trapped sweat and bacteria, and as a bonus, the scrub also exfoliates dead skin cells. 

The second step is using the Pause Natural Body Deodorant, which embraces a water-based formula that allows natural sweating while neutralising bacteria responsible for odour. This groundbreaking deodorant doesn’t block pores and tackles underarm odour concerns at the source, offering a confident and healthier alternative. In fact, with the natural scents of Japanese Cherry Blossom and Fresh Bamboo, users can smell fresh in a healthier way, instead of overdosing on overpowering perfumes to mask body odour.  

To further assist consumers in understanding their skin and making informed choices regarding skin health, Pause & Oomph also offers a free online skincare journal on their website. The journal features in-depth articles covering holistic skincare, as well as an ingredient glossary with transparent information on product ingredients, uses, side effects, and application tips.  The full product range is available for purchase via its official website or Shopee, with both nationwide and international shipping options. For more information or to place an order, please visit:

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