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Reflecting on 2023

2023 in a nutshell has been one with many highs for the most of us, but with that we also recognise the lows as well. Nonetheless, we got to experience a lot of new things, like on my end it was travelling to Bangkok, Singapore and more to experience concerts, good food and culture; alongside with getting to try new skincare and makeup (*of course lol).

Personally, it was a whirlwind of things but I am hoping to manifest a better year for 2024; or rather a more relaxing yet progressive and an enjoyable one. As for the beauty industry that is constantly evolving, I certainly look forward to see new launches and experience new textures and technology, so that is definitely something to look forward to for 2024. 

So here are to new connections, amazing releases and achieving a wonderful balance in terms to each and every one of you for your personal and work life; and finally to keep things short and simple, cheers to a wonderful 2024 ahead. 

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