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Barcode | Jaya One

So last week I met up with a couple of good friends at Barcode - Jaya One - quite a nice place to relax after a hard day's work.  The place is situated right above Starbucks Coffee - you can either take the stairs or the elevator to go up.


We had a couple of pizzas which were very tasty and a 3 mix platter of chicken,lamb and beef. I couldn't take beef so I sampled the rest - The chicken was well done - however I wished they had cooked the lamb a little bit more - it was quite raw. 

On another note, Barcode had also amped up their  surroundings by placing a few television screens around the place playing 90's music clips which were easy on the ears and interesting to watch. Most of us felt nostalgic looking back at music clips such as Zombie by the Cranberries, BSB, Celine Dion and much more. 

To sum up, the ambiance there was very nice and the lighting played a really good part in helping me take some lovely pictures with my Canon Compact Camera. However, a word to the wise - if you are planning on taking pictures with a camera phone like an Iphone or an Samsung S3 - you are going to have a bad time. I have no idea why but the picture quality turned out pretty dark when some of my friends decided to give it a go with their phones.

However, here are some pictures from that night taken with the Canon Compact Camera.

Overall it was a really good night. Good wine, good food and good company.

It was a great way to kick start 2013 ;)

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