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Swarovski Earring Tutorial

So today I got back into my crafts and decided to have a go at making my own earrings. I used to do this when I was younger but as the years went by I got busy with things and just couldn't find the time. 

So since I was free today, here is a tutorial on how to make your own simple yet elegant Swarovski earrings. 

Swarovski Earrings

 Step 1 : Gather what you need

    Elastic Transparent String
2 Earring Hooks      
48 (4mm) Swarovski Crystals
(24 for each side)
8 green, 16 blue

Step 2: Thread the string through the hook

 Ensure that the ends are at at equal lengths 

 Step 3: Start with 2 Swarovski Crystals at both ends

 (Choose the same color)

Step 4: Thread in another crystal ( but this time on one end only)

 Step 5: Take the other end and string it through the same bead to tighten the pattern

 Step 6: Repeat the steps until you finish the 24 beads. 
( this is for one side)

Step 7 : Now pick a signature crystal from your collection
(I chose a teardrop Swarovski Crystal)

 Step 8 : Thread it in at the end, then work your way up to the top to secure the pattern.

 Step 9 : Once you have thread up to the top, make a tight knot at the end to secure the design completely

                       Step 10 : Completed! Now start on the 2nd one
                                                 The End Result!

This pair of earrings are actually quite simple to make and are really elegant to wear on a day out. 

Good luck and happy making! <3

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