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Konad Nail Stamping Art

Today we are going to take a look at Konad Nail Stamping Art.

I got interested in this nail art when it became a topic of conversation amongst my good group of friends at dinner a couple of weeks ago.

So when I headed home - I checked out several videos on Youtube to look at the tutorials and see what it was all about.

It seemed pretty simple though I could not fathom that such creativity could be done in just a few simple stamps!

Now I cannot seem to put the video that inspired me to want to try this - but here is the link if you want to take a look.

The Konad design plate that is being used in the video is called the m60 plate.

The design is as below:

Looking at the video, the design plate looked simple enough so I bought the exact same m60 plate and experimented on my nails.

This is how it turned out. As you can see, I had picked out the flower design at the end of the m60 plate.

Not too shabby huh?

Now first, the basic things that you are going to need to do this is the Stamper and Scraper, the Konad Special Polish and the Image Plate.

Konad Stamper and Scraper

Konad Special Polish

Konad Image Plate

Please note that I am not going to be doing a tutorial for this due to the provided tutorial in the link above but I am going to do a review on where to get the best of the Konad products.

However , here are the steps you can follow if you would like:
For reference this instructive step by step module was from  just in case if you are interested :

Konad Nail Art Instructions

After a long time of research - yes I am very careful at where I buy my products; the most reliable place to purchase Konad items are at this website

By stroke of luck, I stumbled upon this site through Ebay whilst looking for the special stamping nail polish set. If you are interested this is their Ebay weblink :

The seller was extremely professional - answering any questions I had about the product, going through step by step with me about what was needed and even going out of their way to look at the best price of postage that they could get for me to post the product all the way over to my end.

I was pleasantly impressed by their level of professionalism and it made me even more excited to receive their products.

Now the order date for the product purchased was made on the 18/2/2013. The arrival of the items were on the 28/2/2013. Amazingly, it took just a week to get here. Yes amazingly - because I tend to get a bit skeptical with my local postal service (-.-)

But I give thumbs up to the seller for their prompt service!

In regards, the products arrived by International Registered Post and were tightly packed in thick bubble wrap.

Unpackaging of products is as of below:

Arrival by International Registered Post

Bubble Wrap Packaging

As I was unwrapping I noticed something that made me more surprised : The seller even included a 25% discount card and a complimentary set of the Special Konad Polish just for me with a sweet note!

The 25% discount card

The complimentary set (^.^)

The 3 complimentary Konad Special Polish
The rest that were received were *from left to right* the S25 Black, S14 Pink Pearl, S09 Green, S22 Blue and S01 White Konad Special Polish.

*from left to right*
 S25 Black, S14 Pink Pearl, S09 Green, S22 Blue and S01 White Konad Special Polish. 

All items

Overall, I was highly impressed with the prompt arrival, service and products that were given, so if you are looking for a online site to purchase Konad and begin your nail stamping journey, I would really recommend this place.

You can visit them at

If you are a first timer at Konad, you can always browse through Youtube and take a look at the tutorial videos :)

In regards, if you are looking for ideas to push yourself further into creating innovative nail stamping art - here are a few websites you can look for reference.

So what are you waiting for? Get your nail art on ;)


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