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Roseanne Beauty Salon

A couple of months ago, I got the opportunity to claim 2 Groupon vouchers at a Spa called Roseanne Beauty Salon at Dataran Sunway. It's validity was coming to an end so I decided to go with my mum today and claim the vouchers.

Roseanne Beauty Salon

Side view of Roseanne Beauty Salon
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Originally I had gotten the package for my mum and my sister - * it was a weekday package * but my sister couldn't make it. So I decided to make the best out of it and accompany my mother and enjoy the experience.

One thing you should know about Dataran Sunway- the parking is horrible - so if you are ever deciding on making an appointment at this spa- make it early so you would never have to encounter the trifles of double or even triple parking issue.

Weekdays - Opens at 11 am - 8 pm
Weekends - Opens at 10 am - 7:30 pm 

Hidden away in its busy streets, I would say this place caters well for its clients due that it's opening hours are quite flexible and interestingly, the only time this place is closed for a week is during the Chinese New Year Holidays. Other than that, it stays open for the rest of the year.

When we arrived for our appointment - we realized footwear was not allowed inside. You would need to leave them at the corner of the outer entrance - so it's advisable to wear simple slippers when you go to this spa. 

However, upon request - they would keep your footwear inside if asked. They did this for my mum and myself.

The Entrance of Roseanne Beauty Salon

Now for the package. We each claimed a 3.5 hour pampering session of an hour of full body scrub, a 5 minute steaming,  a deep hydrating facial cleansing , a lemongrass and ginger aromatherapy full body oil massage and a hand paraffin treatment.

The rooms at Roseanne Beauty Salon
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We were lead to a nicely done up room with two massage tables. We got ourselves ready and was pampered by two lovely ladies who treated us with an intense full body scrub. We were made to rest for 20 minutes then get into a steam shower for 5 minutes. After that we were allowed to wash the scrub off and get ready for the deep hydrating facial.

Once we were done cleansing, we were led into another room down the corridor for the facial. First they would put a scrub and massage it in - following close with an intensive hydrating moisturizer. This goes on for about 30 minutes. Once this is done , they begin the extraction.

For those that don't know what a facial extraction is - it is when they unclog your pores and make them more refined. I admit, this is going to be quite a painful procedure for first timers but after a couple of times you will get used to it.

After the extraction , the will put a leave in moisturizer to make sure that your skin remains supple and soft.

Now the massage. My mum and I were introduced to two lovely Indonesian ladies - and let me tell you - do they know their way around a full body massage! My back had been constantly aching for the past several week and in this 1 hour massage - it went away just like that. 

The lovely girl attending to me was called Ning and she was 25 years old. These two girls were quite a chatty bunch - providing us with entertaining stories about their hometown whilst making us feel at ease at the same time. 

Aromatheraphy Essentials
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Now I was told that all the products used were from France. This was pretty interesting for me as I was more familiar with spas using products that were Swiss made.

As for the hand paraffin treatment - this was the absolute best. A perfect end to the package.

Hand Paraffin Treatment

1st Step: They clean your hand then place it over cooling hot wax.
2nd Step: They dip it in a couple of times to ensure that the wax has properly covered the hand.

3rd Step : Take your hand out and wait for the wax to dry. The feeling is like having soft candle wax on your fingers.
4th Step: Peel it off. Hands will feel renewed and soft.

Overall experience: 4.5/5. Their staff was very friendly and quick to any needs you might have, their treatments are very good and their prices are very affordable. They also offer packages and a 20% discount to any first time Groupon customers.

Will definitely be coming back again.



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