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Eco Beauty Kose Haul!

Hi guys

Sorry if I had been M.I.A for awhile but Daniel and I went back to visit his grandparents in his hometown in Kuantan. Don't worry - I will upload the pictures for you to see :)

Anyway let's go back on topic - when I came back yesterday, I attended an event at MidValley which was called " Kose Face the Sun, Save the Blue Roadshow."


Now for those of you that are not sure what the brand Kose is - let me break it down for you :) Kose focuses on skincare - whether it is taking care of moisture or protecting your skin from UV rays.

It's range comes in daily routine sets, masks and exfoliating gels that can plump and moisture your skin. These products can lead up to improving skincare when used frequently.

Kose Face the Sun, Save the Blue Roadshow

I have to say that I found that the set up in MidValley pretty great. They went with a sort of aqua under the sea-by the beach kind of look.

The ambassador Ariel Lin was arriving at 3pm but I had another appointment to keep - so I guess I kind of missed out on that one.

Anyway here are some pictures from the roadshow to give you an idea what it was all about.

KOSE Face The Sun, Save The Blue Roadshow

The Set Up

The Products
The Roadshow

Anyway in regards to the products I manage to score myself some freebies - yay!

From left to right : Seikisho Mask White, Seikisho Exfoliating Massage,
Seikisho Cook Cleansing Gel, Lotion Mist, Sun Protect Gel, Seikisho Lotion Mask

Now the promotional prices for these items are only available during the roadshow but these products can also be bought at their Kose counter at all Aeon outlets.

Out of all the items - I have to say my favorite is the Lotion Mist - it's small enough to carry in your purse and whenever your skin is feeling dry and dehydrated , you can always take it out and spray your skin - just make sure the distance is at arm's length for safety purposes.

The promotional price for the lotion mist is at RM 49.00.

The helpful beauty consultant, Linda who also guided me on how to use the products told me  that this lotion mist was applicable for face and body.

And it only takes one pump. It works wonders!

Anyway hit them up at any Aeon outlet near you and check out their counter. You won't regret it :)


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