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Nail Art Experimentation


Hello everyone!

Over the past couple of weeks - I have been crafting new nail art designs for fun.

Basically I wanted a fun new design for every week.

I started out my first week by doing a simple Celtic Nail Design using an O.P.I "Teal the cows come home"- it is a clean sky blue polish with a hint of metallic medium. Accompanied after was a simple nail plate design in the color of black.

O.P.I " Teal the Cows Come Home"

Celtic Nail Design
The design turned out exceptionally great and I couldn't be more happier. This look can last up to more than 2-3 weeks but since I opted to do a new nail art design each week - I took it off before I begun my second design.

Now the second nail art I experimented on was the Rainbow Gradient Nail Art. Now this one was a challenge. This was because you had to do mix the colors well and do the gradient first then paint a leopard print design on the top.

Rainbow Gradient Nail Art
Photo Taken: In Room

You would have to excuse the bad lighting - I tried my best to adjust my Nikon DSLR to it's best of it's capabilities but the nails still came out with a yellow hue due to my bedroom lighting.

However, when I headed back to Kuantan I took the opportunity to snap another picture - this has natural lighting to give you a better look.

Rainbow Gradient Nail Art
Photo Taken: By the Beach

The tricky part of this look was I actually had no yellow nail polish color with me at the time so I had to create one from scratch out of one of my old makeup colors.

Don't worry, I shall post a tutorial on that so look out for it in the meantime. 

Now for the third week - which is actually this week - I chose to create an inspired black and white nail polish look from Chanel.

Inspired Black and White Nail Polish Look from Chanel
Now this design may look a little complicated but it is actually quite easy to do.

The black and white colors created quite a classy look and of course as you can see, each color is   painted on alternate fingernails.

Anyway in my upcoming posts, I plan to do a nail art tutorial for one of these looks shown above. 

In the meantime, let me know which one you would want me to do a tutorial on and I will post it  for you :)


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