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And back to Kuantan it is!

Arrived bright and early in Kuantan

Okay so like I promised, here are some photos that Dan and I took when we went back to his hometown in Kuantan.

First we went to the Balok beach - it was early in the morning, around 8 and let me tell you, the weather was scorching. However, the lighting was wonderful and as you can see the pictures below - it was quite a serene place - despite the heat.

Daniel walking at the beach

Hermit Crab

Due to the low tide - the fishes got caught in a small puddle near the sea. 
Daniel calls it his "puddle of life"

A closer look

Try and spot the fish in his hands! 

Later on we went to the turtle sanctuary at Cherating - in Malay it is called "kawasan perlindungan and konservasi penyu". We didn't have to pay for the entry - but we donated some money to help them up-keep the cute turtles  that they had at the beach.

At the entrance

The designs

The entrance to the turtle sanctuary

A board showcasing the life cycle of the turtle

The portrait of "dugongs" or manatee that we saw when we went inside

Looking at the beautiful corals displayed at the turtle sanctuary

The little baby turtles on the sand!

The adult turtles

Baby turtles swimming in the pool

Yup that's how small they were

Dan was observing them from the top
I was on the other end

Daniel at the beach where all the turtles will come up to lay eggs when the season is right

A shot I took at the beach of Dan

A look at the sea
Next to the turtle sanctuary was Club Med Cherating. 

Getting my feet wet in the cool water

Dan's " Walk a mile in my shoes " picture

Mine was more of "Look at me! There are greens in the grass!" haha

We had a nice time at the beaches - the only down side was the hot sun :(

We spent some time with Dan's grandparents and had a fantastic time <3 Of course the camera was there to capture all it's epic moments around the house ;)

Dan next to his grandfather's Volkswagen

The bigger picture

My boy wearing a really funky hat that we found lying around

At home

Me with Dan's grandparents
( My Chinese genes really stand out in this picture)

Dan with his grandparents

He's a happy boy!
The beautiful tree we passed by on the way back

So all in all it was a good trip. We stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights and had a wonderful time.

By the way does anyone know the name of this tree? We passed it on the way back from Kuantan and have been looking for it's name. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.


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