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A Customer's Experience with Mustachic

I stumbled upon Mustachic during a discussion with a colleague one day during work. We started chatting about online boutiques and as this store caught my attention, I started browsing through their collection on Facebook.

I liked a couple of their accessories so I decided to give them a try. After all, they weren't expensive just around RM10 per piece.

Here are some samples.

It was a good bargain but I was hoping that there would not be a catch as online boutiques tend to have plenty of catch 22's.

So I purchased my delivery on the 12th of June but guess what? The arrival only came on 31st July. Yes. A month plus. Admittedly it was not the seller's fault; it was due to her supplier. She was quite nice about it and offered a refund of purchase but I decided to wait it out. However in all honesty, I was a little flustered as at first as I was not kept updated and I literally had to chase for the updates on the purchase. I really disliked doing that.

But no matter, we have sorted that out and so let's get back to the purchase.

Now these items were sent to me close to the Raya season. One week before actually. It was sent through Pos Laju as the owner of Mustachic kindly mentioned that it was too long of a wait to go by regular post as I had been waiting for the products for more than a month. She also informed me that she was going to be sending me the refund for the items that was ordered but was not in stock inside the package as well.

So last week, I received a call from a family member stated that a parcel had arrive but had apparently  been torn open. When asked the people at Pos Laju, they stated that it was given to them like that.

Not to complain but when I returned home to see what had arrived I was visibly upset. Everything was pouring out and surprise surprise, the refund was missing.

Also as you can see from the first picture, a rhinestone also fell out of place due to the damage as well.

Currently I am still awaiting on the refund which is supposed to be banked in but after this experience, I can honestly say that I shall not be purchasing from Mustachic anytime soon. She is an extremely nice person but in terms of business - she will need to find a more reliable supplier.

I would also highly recommend that future buyers would consider going through the self pick up option - it would make the transaction much smoother.

Average rating out of 10? Sadly, it's a 4/10 for me. I understand that there are areas that need ironing out and hey, if all goes well - the business will be heading in the right direction in no time. So here's to hoping!

Looking forward to better things from you Mustachic!


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