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CosmoBox by Box Culture July Review

By having a 3-month subscription to Cosmobox - the finale box finally made it's appearance at my doorstep yesterday.

CosmoBox's Liselle Collector's Edition
Rather than their usual branding of the Cosmobox cover, this white box had a very edgy look to it's latest design; the branding the Liselle Collector's Edition Box.

The Opened Box
The Listing of Products
Tied with a gold ribbon and encased in a pink wrap, this box came with the usual listing and price range of all the items provided in the box.

The Unveiling
And tada! The beautiful unveiling to the Liselle Collector's Edition July Box from Cosmo Box!

The first thing I pulled out was the Nuxe Collection from Paris. These came in two little sachets containing Nuxe Brightening Extreme Lotion, Brightening Cleansing Foam, Concentrated Serum and one Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Usage Dry Oil.

The two closed sachets
Opened sachet
1 Sachet: 2x Nuxe Brightening Extreme Lotion, 1x Brightening Cleansing Foam,
1x Concentrated Serum and 1 Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Usage Dry Oil.
There was also a little sample bottle of Nuxe Brightening BB Cream SPF 30 PA +++ which I absolutely fell in love with. It had light application but brought supple brightness and even coverage to the skin.

Nuxe Brightening BB Cream SPF 30 PA +++
The second brand name pulled out was Aveda which headquaters at Blaine, Minnesota.

Now this was interesting.

I have actually been hearing a lot about this brand and I also know that a couple of other beauty boxes have been promoting it quite recently so I am quite keen to explore and find out how good their products are.

Below are the Aveda products that was highlighted in Cosmobox's Liselle's Collection Edition Box.

From Left : 1x Damage Repair, 1x Shampoo and 1x Conditioner
Ah the usual list of shampoos and conditioners. Oh but wait! The products actually smell quite wonderful and look quite promising so no worries, my eagerness on the product is back on :)

Now moving on to the next item.

To be honest, I wasn't too excited about what I received next. This is most probably because I already own one of these.

However, seeing that I am quite an avid nail art user and that this was a complimentary gift from Box Culture - who was I to complain? ;)

Toe Seperators
Okay so it was not too bad, haha. Guess I am just a little bit fussy when it comes to products XD

Last but not least were the well presented coupons. Now when I say well presented - I don't mean that the coupons were just place in the box on it's own. I mean it was presented in a book. An Instant Deals All-Year-Long book.

Imagine my joy!

Now I have to say that I loved this because no other beauty box has done their coupon presentation like this ever before. I mean come on! An All-Year-Long Instant deals book with over RM12,000 in discounts and freebies and over 110+ vouchers at over 50 shopping malls in Malaysia? That's amazing.

Ladies Edition of Instant Deals All-Uear-Long Book
I have to say that was the highlight of the box. The products didn't excite me that much this month but I loved their addition of the book. Well done Cosmo Box by Box Culture!

The products
So that sums it up - 10 products with all such overwhelming promise. Overall I shall give this box a rating of 7 out of 10. I have yet to try on their products so I shall give them a go when I get a chance.

If you are interested in getting this box, CosmoBox offers a 3-month subscription plan at RM99, a 6-month subscription plan at RM188 and a 12-month subscription plan at RM366.

You may go to the subscription by CosmoBox by clicking the direct link over "here".

Till then, ttyl!


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