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Hishop Online Beauty Shop Review

Garnering a strong following of around 82K+ plus followers on Facebook, this online beauty portal sets standards by following their motto of 'Making Beauty Accessible'.

Hishop-Making Beauty Accessible

Having purchased from their store, I was pleasantly surprised when my parcel was delivered 2 days later. I really didn't expect the speed of the delivery to be that fast.

Prorance Honeyish Colors
From left: Color 307, 303 and 401

The first 3 things I took out from the box was the 'Prorance Honeyish Colors'- "Colors 307, 303 and 401. I grew attracted to these hues due to their pastel reflects.

They come in quite big and stylish bottles and I was curious to see if they lived up to expectation as per their description on Hishop. 'It contains honey which gives your nail protection and the gloss effect.' 

Trying out the Prorance Honeyish Color in 303.

Needless to say, I was not disappointed. The color had a very smooth and glossy effect and did not peel off easily. The hue was lovely and the application with the brush made it very easy to spread the color evenly over the nails.

Santa Barabara Polo & Racquet Club USA. Color 04 Black (16ml)
Next up is another nail polish color -04 Black (16ml) by Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club U.S.A. Who knew they made nail polish?

Naga 2 Way Art Pen

The best out of the box for me personally was the Naga Nail Two Way Art Pen. Since I am always looking for ways to make the best detailing out of my nails, this was a big bonus for me when I found this Two Way Art Pen on their website.

STAGE Luxury Powder Puff
From STAGE cosmetics, this powder puff is very fluffy to the touch and is well....pretty. I had been looking for a small round puff for a while now and at RM 10 a piece, this fit the bill quite well.

Selection of masks
White MY and Milk Deal 8% voucher
Last but not least, is the selection of masks that Hishop brings to the table. They had quite an admirable amount, so if you are interested, do go to their website and view their selection.

Inside my package, I also received an additional two 8% vouchers for and Milk Deal. Not bad.

Total Products
Overall, I had a wonderful experience with Hishop Malaysia and I will definitely be coming back for more. The products given did not disappoint and Hishop did live up to 'Making Beauty Accessible' to all beauty lovers out there. 

Thumbs up for a job well done!



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  2. Nice write-up!! I prefer online shopping as it is much convenient and cheaper.


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