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Vanity Trove Lierac Box Review

Vanity Trove Lierac Paris Luxury Box
Retailing at RM120 per box, this luxury casing of products from Lierac Paris is one of Vanity Trove's exclusive editions for fans all around.

Vanity Trove Lierac Paris Luxury Box
Photo Credits: Vanity Trove
Donned with Lierac products, the first one which caught my attention was the Lierac Gentle Cleanser.

Lierac Paris Gentle Cleanser
This cleanser is recommended for all skin types and is enriched with Mallow Extract.
Noted that this will be used on the face and on eyes.

Retails at RM 95.00 for a full size 200ML.

Lierac Paris Premium Anti-Age Global
Loved the packaging for this one. This premium Anti-Age Global Serum reactivates cellular regeneration process. The concentrates helps corrects the appearance of all visible signs of skin aging due to the repairing action of DNA.

The packaging was very enticing, however, as I do not really don anti aging products, maybe I will let my mother give this a go.

Subtle instructions of applying this serum in the morning and night to face and neck daily.

Retails at RM 500.00 for 30ML.

Lierac Paris Luminescence Serum
Next up is the Lierac Paris Luminescence Serum. This milky serum reduces the visibility of minor skin flaws such as redness, dark spots and uneven skin tones.

Retails at RM 298.00 for 30ML.

Lierac Paris Coherence Day and Night Cream Anti Wrinkle and Firming
And here we have another Anti Aging cream up for display. This Lierac Paris Coherence Day and Night Cream- Anti Wrinkle and Firming stays true to its name and corrects wrinkles and firms up the skin.

Retails at RM 300.00 for 50ML.

Lierac Sensory Water Gel with 3 Flowers 
A translucent shower gel that transforms into lightweight foam upon contact with water. Now this is interesting. This gel is the combination of 3 White Flowers and will make the skin clean, soft and supple to the touch after a bath.

Retails at RM 78.00 for 150ML.

Lierac Paris Bust Lift Massage Cream
Hmm a cream that helps with the bust? Well that's definately something worth looking into.

Contains Hazelnut Oligopeptides to restructure the bust’s shape with a collagen boosting action, while Japanese Mandarin Orange extract reduces and prevents the appearance of brown spots. Bust and décolleté gets firmer, smoother and looks more youthful..

Apply morning and night to the bust and décolleté with a light upward massaging motion. Use for a minimum of 28 consecutive days.

Retails at RM 170.00 for 75ML.

Vanity Trove Lierac Box Review
The overall products in the box was well received. However at RM 120 per box, I would have to say that it was good that they had the products positioned that way.

Rating : 4/5

If you are interested to see more exclusive boxes like this, head on over to their website and take a look. You definately won't be disappointed.


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