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My Surprise from New York

They say the best things in life comes in small packages. Well what's better than getting a surprise in a renown signature blue box?

As I am sure that my name is Shivani, yes you guessed it. My surprise was from the well known brand Tiffany & Co!

Tiffany & Co
This delicate gift came from my fiance who when he flew to New York, went around to the shop by himself and purchased this beautiful gift for me.

Tiffany & Co Bag

The box without the ribbon
This was my first time owning something from Tiffany & Co so I was extra careful when I slowly removed the ribbon from the box. I couldn't stop staring at it until Daniel reminded me that I had to open the box to see what was inside :P

Well whoops, haha.

The pouch that was inside the box
Beautiful isn't it? The draw-sting pouch is made out of suede cloth and has a very smooth feel to it.

Inside- my gift!
Wrapped inside was a delicate sterling necklace with a heart shaped charm at the end. Below are the studio shots for the front and back shot of the charm.

Front View

Back View

I later found out that this charm was called 'Return to Tiffany' heart tag charm which was worth USD 150 at their retail store. *Gasp!* And this was just the charm, without the chain. *Double Gasp!*

Below are the pictures I took on my own with my Nikon D40X DSLR to get a clearer view of the charm and chain.

Tiffany & Co "Return to Tiffany" Heart Tag Charm with the sterling necklace

The back view together with the sterling necklace
The necklace came to be slightly below the neck which was the perfect placement for me.

The Necklace
I seriously have to be the luckiest girl in the world for having someone so wonderful at my side who still keeps me in his mind wherever he goes.

He even presented me with a single rose when he returned home to me.

My single rose
So here is a little shout out to my fiance- Thank you dear, I love the rose and I love the necklace. But the best gift is of course having you home with me :)

Now for all those romantic people out there, if you are thinking of getting your loved one 'Tiffany & Co'  jewelry, kindly head over to their website and have your pick.

I am pretty sure that the choices will not disappoint :)


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