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KleanColor 139 Pastel Pink Review


KleanColor is a brand I discovered while surfing online for nail art tutorials back in early 2012. This U.S brand has a makeup range as well which you can explore when you go to their online site.

As I was looking for pastel colors at the time, I took a liking to the KleanColor's pastel pink.

KleanColor's Pastel Range
Photo Credits to nailblog.net

From Left: Pastel Pink, Purple, Blue, Teal, Yellow and Orange
Photo Credits to: honeymunchkin.com
With regards to the application I started out with my usual trimmed and clean nails.

Step 1: Clean Nails

Next I put on a thin layer of the first coat. Admittedly the color was a little thick but after I evened it out, it looked much better.

Step 1: First application

After the color had dried out, I realized that I didn't need a second layer - it was already quite a coated thick hue on it's own. So after the first application had dried, I quickly went to paint my favorite Seche Vite top coat.

Seche Vite Top Coat
Full Application- 1 coat applied.
Overall, the color was great, however it was a little too striking for my taste as the hue stated pastel but in my personal opinion it was a little more vibrant than the color stated.

Nonetheless, the application was a 3/5 as the color was a little thick on the first coating.

KleanColor 139 Pastel Pink
Overall, I would recommend this color but not as a simple application itself, but maybe if you were looking to mix the color for a more gradient finish on your nail. A good combo choice with this pastel pink would be a mix of light peach.

Overal rating: 3/5
Would I repurchase it: Maybe.


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