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An Artsy Affair at the Artsphere;The Atmosphere Seri Kembangan

The Artmosphere has been a place that I have been longing to go to for quite some time now. Located in Seri Kembangan, this place had gotten quite a buzz on the online-sphere since it's launch on the 22nd December 2013.

However since I had something on during the day of the launch and was unable to make it for the opening of the invited event, I decided to gather two of my favorite people and head there during the Thaipusam holidays.

Welcome to the world of Artsphere

As my sister and I wanted to catch the morning sunlight for photography purposes, we left the house with my other half around 8:30am to Seri Kembangan.

Do you like my scooter?

I would say that the drive from Petaling Jaya to Seri Kembangan there took about a good half hour; without jam.

You can easily find it on Waze as well; just type in The Atmosphere and it will get you there in no time at all.

Slip of the hand maybe? My poor sister.

The beauty about The Atmosphere was that it was located amongst a variety of quaint little cafes, boutiques and restaurants.

So if you are looking to find that one particular piece of art, you would need to explore to find that diamond in the rough.

Finding love in our parallel universe

The Atmosphere is basically a joint venture between Eksons Corporation Berhad and Tempo Properties Sdn Bhd and I have to say that they did a fantastic job with the collaboration of 20 local and international artists to make their 3D art come to life in Malaysia.

Tastefully vintage don't you think?

After all, 80 murals under one roof is pretty impressive and as I am told, The Atmosphere is actually the highest collection of mural arts here in Malaysia.

Let's try and save Alice and take her home!

Nonetheless, The Atmosphere is pretty heavily guarded but this was because it was mentioned that a few people had actually tried to deface the property.

No, it can't be!

Now appreciating art is a lovely thing but sometimes I honestly do not understand why people would actually try and ruin what is good. 

So in a way thank goodness for the guards who keep an eye on the lovely murals. They are doing a great job.

Is he a robot...or isn't he?

Talking about the murals, what one must understand is that they are pretty much located all over the place, so if you are looking to discovering all of them, I would suggest wearing a good pair of shoes.

Are you following me?

Best to bring a tumbler of water with you as well because the more you walk, the more you will become tired and exhausted.

After all you wouldn't want to look too dehydrated for your pictures wouldn't you?

Skip, Hop and Jump!

Now if you are looking to discovering all the murals in one day, you can head over to The Atmosphere's entrance where they will have a map which you can take pointing you to the location of all the murals.

Yup that's right. I am ahead of you in every way

Of course with each mural, I found each individual design uniquely creative and vibrant. I only hope that I managed to capture the beauty of each design in my pictures.

I have always wanted to meet a mermaid

Now if you are asking which photo was my favorite, I would have to say that this photograph above was definitely one of my top 5.

There was something about it that I loved and I simply adored the way of how the cooling colors of blue and teal complimented the whole picture along with the serene look that the mermaid had on her face.

I will be right there!!

With regards to the mural's locality, a few of them like the mermaid art and the one above is located on the second floor of The Atmosphere.

You would just need to take the escalator up from the entrance and head left to enjoy the art located there.

Oh no, how could you be so careless?

In terms of this photograph, I suppose this is one of the pictures that you can see the violation of the murals.

This quaint pink table is suppose to be faced at a leveled position but due to someone who had forcefully tried to take the table apart, it became apparent to be at a rather lopsided position.

It was sad but nonetheless, we tried making the best out of the photo and posed as if the unbalanced table caused the spill of the drink.

I am the Hulk!

Dubbing it down to the priceless expression on Daniel's face, this had to be one of the cutest photos we took that day.

Pardon me if I am praising my boy too much but he had this idea of being the Incredible Hulk for the day. Lucky him for the picture turned out wonderfully.

Because temptation is hard to resist

If you are curious to know who was the artist for each individual painting, all you would need to do is scan your map which is located at the entrance of The Atmosphere and there you will have the names of all the artists who contributed to the 3D mural art.

Let's jump across the platform together!

Sorry if some of the shots look a bit hurried but we were quickly trying to complete taking our photos before the clock struck 12pm.

Such a Cinderella thing, I know but this was because the sun would be out and the lighting would change; hence the photography wouldn't come out as clear anymore.

Care to join me?

All together we manage to complete 59 murals in 3 hours which was pretty amazing. I only wished we could have found more murals and evened the number out by at least 60.

Take my hand and I will lead you there

The illusion of the 3D art was definitely one of the main attractions at The Atmosphere and I have to say that standing on the correct tile took a lot of effort. 

Thankfully my sister was great at showing us the correct angle for the photo so the turnout was great.

Because you should never separate a man from his bed

Taking the photographs definitely took some time and art direction but the pictures are something that we shall hold dear and cherish for a very long time.

At the end of the day, this was a really fun activity to do with family and friends so I would encourage everyone out there to go and check out The Atmosphere at Seri Kembangan as soon as they can. 

Join in the fun and enter the Strike a Pose Competition!

The Atmosphere is also hosting a 'Strike A Pose Contest' with prizes up to RM15,000 up for grabs!

All you have to do is pose with any of the murals and upload a photo on their Artsphere 20/8ty Official Facebook Page. Basically, the participants whose photo gathers the 'Most Likes' and 'Most Creative' will walk away with the fantastic prizes.

My Awesome Photographer Number 1
And my Awesome Photographer Number 2

Before I end, I would like to credit my sister and Daniel who were extremely fun and spotting throughout the day.  My day would not have been made perfect if not for them and their wonderful photography skills.

I have to say that this event truly made me think back on my days in Melbourne where we used to scout sites for photography takes. It was the most fun I had back in the day.

Ending it with a candid shot

Overall it was a day well spent and if are curious for more information, do visit:


  1. hey babe! those are some cool murals. saw ur blog on beauty bloggers fb group! i've followed ur blog, mind to follow me too? :-)

    1. Hey babe, you should definitely check out the murals :D And no worries, I have followed your blog already. Loved your post on Cosan's Coffee - now I have a new coffee place to check out! :D

    2. Hahaha thanks babe! :D hehe hope u enjoy ur visit to cosan's when u go ^_^


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