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Thank You Santa Hermo For Granting My Wish!

Looking forward to the New Year

So the season of joy, giving and sharing has come to an end with the last days of 2013 being celebrated to a more prosperous new year.

Nonetheless, it has been such a remarkable year, with the makings of new friendships, family lovin' and some good old fun.

Last Christmas was really special to me, mainly because I got to celebrate it with my family who have not come together in quite awhile as most of them are based overseas.

My sisters and I

So you could say that it was nice to see the house decorated in Christmas lights, rooms full of laughter and watching my loved ones run to one room to the next hiding their Christmas presents so that the other one won't see.

Now remember my last post to Santa Hermo? If you didn't manage to read about it, no worries just head on over to the post at this link here.

Did I make it?

So while in the midst of wrapping up the presents last year for Christmas, a thought did cross my mind on whether I made it to Santa Hermo's naughty or nice list. What a thought right?

Nonetheless as Christmas came and went and the New Year began, the thought of me being in the naughty and nice list slowly diminished but oh my was I was pleasantly surprised that when that little red package arrived on my doorstep.

A gift? For me?

For those of you who have read my last post, you would know that I had wished for 1x Miss Hana Brush and 1x Stage Portable Lip Brush. Yup, that's right makeup brushes :)

Arrival of my Hermo Package

I am a really big fan of makeup brushes and seeing as I didn't really have an angled blush brush (I have the non-angled one) and as my current lip brush is has been with me for quite awhile and is fraying a little bit, I was hoping that my wish would be granted by Santa Hermo.

So imagine my delight when I saw that package sitting on my doorstep :)

1x Miss Hana Angled Blush Brush and 1x Stage Portable Lip Brush

These two brushes are absolutely the perfect travel size companion to have anywhere so rest assured that they will be with me with every step of the way wherever I go.

Ordering online? Check out!

So if you are looking to making a purchase online, look no further because with great deals just a few clicks away, you can get the item you desire without any hassle at all.


So for more fab items, great brands and awesome discounts do check out Hermo's online store at


A big thank goes out to The Butterfly Project and Hermo Malaysia for joining hands and granting our wishes. It was such a nice element of surprise that made our Christmas and New Year so special. Much love!



  1. seems like u've been a good girl last year! <3

    1. Haha hopefully I will be able to keep it up for this year! <3

  2. such a good girl... hehe im still waiting for my secret santa box...

  3. Yay! You got your wish, Shivani! You are a girl after my own heart - love your picks esp. the ultra-adorable brush ;) Great taste you have there.
    A girl can NEVER have too many makeup brushes.

    1. Awwh thanks babe! Great minds think alike, no? haha.

      And yes completely agree - one can NEVER have to many makeup brushes <3 :D

  4. wow, the pink-white brush is gorgeous!!

    1. Kan? Been looking for so long for a nice angled blusher brush somemore<3 Was so happy when they granted my wish! :D


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