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Getting Together With Madam Kwan

Notable for it's all time favorite Nasi Bojari, Madam Kwan's became my first foodie review experience for the year 2014.

This time round we had the opportunity to dine with Madam Kwan's as we celebrated the winners of the 'Get Together with Madam Kwan's Holiday Dishes Competition.

The Entrance of Madam Kwan's BSC Outlet 

What was interesting about the competition was that this particular "Get Together with Madam Kwan" event was actually done through an application through Facebook.

This was because Madam Kwan herself wanted to reach out to fans and customers to be a part of Madam Kwan's so that they could showcase their creativity to creating new holiday dishes in conjunction with the holiday season.

The Atmosphere at Madam Kwan's BSC Outlet

As for the prizes, the winner of the best menu creation will walk away with dining vouchers up to RM1000 whilst the winner of the best dish will also have the extra addition to be featured in Madam Kwan's menu.

With fellow media bloggers; Mahadi Mohd Arifin from, Innanie Ariffin from, Sabrina from and Choulyin from

As this was held in Bangsar Shopping Centre, the atmosphere at Madam Kwan's BSC outlet was extremely cosy; complete with ornate plate settings and well placed purple napkins on each person's individual plate.

Taking a look at the menu

As the 6 of us were warmly invited to cover the event, we adjourned to the inner corner of the restaurant to meet the winners and dine in with Madam Kwan herself.

Orange Juice - RM9.90

When we took our seats, we were graced with Madam Kwan's extensive menu on where we could order drinks, appetizers, main course and of course desserts.

I decided to start my meal with a fresh Orange Juice ; priced at RM9.90. The drink was decorated with a single orange slice and was extremely cool and refreshing.

Isn't it romantic?

Our table also came with a single pink rose as a decor option and although it was simple, it was perfectly suited with the atmosphere that we had at Madam Kwan's.

With the Winners

Meeting Madam Kwan was definitely an experience to remember. She was courteous, sweet and showcased absolute modesty in everything that she did. 

She warmly greeted each of us individually and I have to say that she reminded me very much like my own grandmother who is truly the sweetest person around.

Many also mentioned that she really looked exactly like her logo picture of Madam Kwan's; and I have to say that I completely agree.  So with regards to that, let's move on to the winners shall we?

Grand Prize Winner

Ms Jennie Cheong with her dish of Otak Otak Fried Rice

Our 1st Grand Prize Winner was Ms Jennie Cheong who won the judges over with her dish of "Otak Otak Fried Rice"

She won RM1,000 worth of dining vouchers to Madam Kwan's and will also have her winning dish featured on Madam Kwan's menu.

2nd Prize Winner

Deep Fried Dumplings at RM16.90 with 2nd Prize Winner Ikan Bilis Popiah

The 2nd Prize Winner was Ms Celine Kho with her dish of "Ikan Bilis Popiah"

She won RM 500 worth of dining vouchers to Madam Kwan's.

3rd Prize Winner

3rd Prize Winner- Mango Chicken

Our 3rd Prize Winner was Ms Lee Guat Choo with her dish of "Mango Chicken"

She won RM 250 worth of dining vouchers to Madam Kwan's. However, as she was not able to attend the dinner, she was represented by her brother Mr Lee Chong Nam for the prize ceremony.

There were also 2 short listed participants; Ms Catherine Wong Poh Ooi and Ms. Lim Su Hoon who made it to the top 5 with their creative dishes as well. A big hearty congratulations to all.

Yee Sang

For this coming festive Chinese New Year Season, Madam Kwan's is currently having a promotion for those who would like to have Yee Sang.

Priced below for kind reference are 3 different options in 3 various sizes.
Mini Serving : RM 38
Medium Serving : RM 58
Large Serving : RM 88
Together with Madam Kwan

We had a lot of fun mixing the Yee Sang together with Madam Kwan and as it is often said, mixing the ingredients of Yee Sang together with friends and family will make the New Year even more prosperous and eventful than the year before.

My Dish of Yee Sang

Basically the more you mix and the higher your Yee Sang goes, the better your year will become.

So in terms to that, we had a rather healthy mix of fresh salmon, veggies and crackers so all in all it was a pretty tasty dish.

Malaysian's Best Appetizer; Malaysian Satay - RM14.90

Now let's move on to the food. We started out with Madam Kwan's Best Appetizer which was the 'Malaysian Satay' retailing at RM14.90.

It is quite a considerable dish that can be shared by 2 people that comes in a standard form of 6 pieces, so it's best to split it between friends as the pieces of it's barbecue meat are quite big as well.

The Dishes Served During the Night

New Dish by Madam Kwan- Petai Fried Rice

There were also a variety of dishes that were served to us together with the winning dishes of  'Otak Otak Fried Rice', 'Ikan Bilis Popiah' and the 'Mango Chicken'.

One of it was the Petai Fried Rice. As this was a newly introduced dish by Madam Kwan, I found that it was packed with flavor, well seasoned and light on the stomach which was extremely good as you wouldn't feel too stuffed afterwards . It was definitely a very good addition to the taste buds.

Highlighted below are also the other dishes that were served throughout our session with Madam Kwan.

Deep Fried Chicken- RM14.90
Madam Kwan's Fried Fish

With regards to the tenderness of the meat dishes, I would have to say that the 'Deep Fried Chicken' and 'Fried Fish' fitted the bill extremely well as both dishes were well done and was extremely succulent.

Assam Prawns- RM26.90

As for the 'Assam Prawns', I have to say that they were definitely one of my main favorites of the night.

I simply couldn't resist going back for more due to it's great taste and tenderness of the prawns. This dish was a definite thumbs up for me.

Bean Sprouts with Salted Fish
Claypot Seafood Beancurd

As for Madam Kwan's veggie dishes, I leaned a little more towards the 'Claypot Seafood Beancurd' dish as I am not really a big fan of Bean Sprouts. 

Nonetheless with regards to taste, both dishes were presented well and had wonderful flavoring that complimented each individual dish.

Chicken Curry -RM10.90

The 'Chicken Curry' on the other hand complimented the other dishes well as it was balanced with just the right amount of spice and thickness.

As for the meat, I found that it was very soft and delectable to the lips. Overall a great dish to heighten your foodie senses.

Our Collection of Desserts

For dessert, each one of us decided to go with different dishes to see the variety of the menu.

From the left was my dish, Sago Gula Melaka; retailing at RM6.50, followed with Sabrina's dish of Banana Fritters with Ice Cream at RM11.50, Innanie's treat of an Ice-Cream at RM6.90 and Choulyin's choice of Cendol at RM6.50.

I was told that Sabrina's Dish of Banana Fritters with Ice Cream was extremely delightful but as I am a Sago kind of girl; I thoroughly enjoyed my little dessert just as much.

Group Photo with Madam Kwan

Overall, the whole night was a delightful success and I believe that I will be going back for more to experience my awesome Assam Prawns.

And remember, if you do happen to have or find a foodie favorite with Madam Kwan, do not forget to hastag #MKM and #MadamKwansMoment when you upload your pictures :) After all, the enjoyment of finding a new foodie favorite should be shared right?


Type of Cuisine : Nyonya

Price Tag: Ranges from RM25- RM40 per dish

Locality: Pavilion, Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC), Suria KLCC, Mid Valley Megamall, One Utama, Empire Shopping Gallery and Alamanada Shopping Centre

If you are looking for more information and updates on Madam Kwan you can always visit:

Official Website:

Facebook Page: 


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