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Cerro Qreen Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set Review

Picture Courtesy of Natta Cosme

When you first start out with makeup, the ideal way is to begin with a good makeup brush set.

However seeing as how prices have been going up, it is rather difficult for young girls to make a decision to what good brush set to get.

Coming in at an affordable price range of only RM36.90 (now RM29.52), Cerro Qreen Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set from  Natta Cosme is the ideal choice for young teens for it offers the ideal 7 piece set, together with fiber wool brushes packed neatly in a cosmetic casing; which makes it ideal for traveling purposes as well.

The Arrival of the Cerro Qreen Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set

I began my journey with Cerro Qreen when Natta Cosme provided me the opportunity to review their beautiful pastel blue 7-piece brush set.

Based in Negeri Sembilan, Natta Cosme has established itself quite well since 2010; bringing in a wholesome variety of products that comes with an affordable price tag on an online platform.

It also has a vast variety of beauty brushes available in various colors to be chosen as well; such as Pink, Blue, Yellow, Purple and Black.

Greeting Note from Natta Cosme

According to their description list on it's website, Natta Cosme's Cerro Qreen Cosmetic Makeup Brush Sets seem to make a statement wherever they go.

"Don’t you often think that in a makeup brush set, there are always some brushes that you unlikely use them? And buying one brush by one brush costs more than buying a brush set isn't it?

CERRO QREEN Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set Fiber Wool contains 7 pieces of makeup brush not only for your face, but for your eyes as well!

It is the most basic makeup brush set that every beauty lovers should have!"

The Package

Now when I received my parcel from Natta Cosme ( it only took 4 days from the delivery date)  the Cerro Qreen Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set that was received was in the dreamy color of pastel blue.

With regards to it's casing, it came in a fashionable yet practical cosmetic case with long strap. Easy to carry around, easy to travel with. Simplicity at it's best you would say.


Packed within the Natta Cosme Box was also a little Ferraro Roche chocolate for us to sample.

I have to say that that was extremely thoughtful of Natta Cosme. :)

The Ferraro Roche Chocolate

Now let's move on to our key item of the day. Secured neatly in a little transparent plastic bag was the 7 piece Cerro Qreen Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set.

The Cerro Qreen Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set

Upon unveiling the 7 piece Cerro Qreen Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set, I took an opportunity to note down the condition of the fiber wool on each of the brushes to ensure if they were intact or if any strays were coming off the brushes.

The condition of the brushes were wonderfully intact and it's bristles that was brushed up against the skin was extremely soft to the touch and had great application.

Picture Courtesy of Natta Cosme

Wooden Brush Handle

With regards to the Wooden Brush Handle, it is all made of natural wood with a shiny surface and an added touch to sustain discoloration

Anti-Bacterial Mini Fibre

To those of you who have sensitive skin, fret no more, for Cerro Qreen's Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set has a 0.05mm mini fiber that is more comfortable and equipped with anti-bacterial property. Hence, it is the best choice for people who are sensitive to products made from the furs of animals.

0.05 mini fibers anyone?

I have to say that this set of beauty brushes by Cerro Qreen is perfect for those who are looking for a good set of makeup brushes that is not too hard on their pocket and is portable enough to carry around for any event occasion.

Picture Courtesy of Natta Cosme

Falling back into basics where 7 brushes are more than enough into putting on everyday makeup, Cerro Qreen Cosmetic Makeup Brush Sets are indeed the way to go as it's brushes can pick up colors extremely easily and can apply them evenly over the targeted facial range.


Price : RM36.90 (now RM29.52)
Available Colors: Pink, Blue, Yellow, Purple and Black
Availability at : Natta Cosme

However as a presumed oversight, I had hoped that each of the brushes would come with a cover as some of us might miss cleaning them due to time constraints; causing additional spillage over the cosmetic case.

Nonetheless it seemed that colors did not stick onto the casing as one would presume so in any case, this is indeed a good thing to take note off in the long run.

So what are you waiting for? Quickly get those brushes as all you have to do is log on to Natta Cosme's Website, click on the Makeup Brushes Link and pick your favorite!

As the promotion is still on, I have to say that you will also be saving quite a fair bit as well on it's already affordable price tag. So have fun with it!


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