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Benè Premium Range Launch

The Launch of Benè Premium Range

There is nothing like pampering your tresses after a long day.

You see, having to cope with external factors such as heat, stress and lifestyle changes, the damaging effect that a person would often go through with their hair daily would more often than not result in clogged up hair follicles, an oily scalp, itchiness and even an increase in scalp buildup which will effect hair growth in the long run.

Sharing session at the launch

Now seeing that this comes over with time, it is always best to take care of your hair to the fullest and with this, let us bring out Benè's Premium Range which consists of Benè Premium Bluria and Benè Premium Rougeria.

The unveil

As all hair care ranges specifically target to certain types of hair textures, what makes this unique is that both of the range defaults to natural repair which means that the formulation is Double Non-silicone; which in translation means that both shampoo and treatment are silicone free.

To understand further, silicone is a common ingredient found in shampoos which gives your crowing glory a smooth and less frizzy finish. However increased usage of silicone would often lead to the substance coating around the outer layer of hair follicles, causing the hair to collapse and be heavy which will eventually lead to the appearance of unhealthy and damaged hair in the long run.

From Left: Benè Premium Bluria and Benè Premium Rougeria

With that being said, the Benè Premium Bluria and Benè Premium Rougeria is hence formulated with an enzyme-rich, non silicone formula that cleanses all forms of impurities from the hair roots to it's tips.

Benè Premium Bluria

Benè Premium Bluria

The Benè Premium Bluria brings back the airy lightness to the hair through the green enzymes found in kiwis, green papaya and avocado. It also gives the additional 30 minerals and salt from the Dead Sea that leaves the hair strong and supple with the refreshing fragrance of the Bluria Rose.

Product Listings:

Benè Premium Bluria Delicious SPA Shampoo : RM43.90/530ml
Benè Premium Bluria Delicious SPA Treatment : RM43.90/530ml
Benè Premium Bluria Delicious SPA Hair Mask : RM43.90/210g
Benè Premium Bluria Delicious SPA Night Care Milk : RM43.90/115ml 

Benè Premium Rougeria

Benè Premium Rougeria

This range on the other hand focuses on providing intensive moisture to rejuvenate damaged hair with red enzymes and strong antioxidants found in apple juice extract, tomato juice and carrot extract. Due to the hydrating power of infusion, the Bulgarian Damask rose honey and manuka honey will also moisture the hair deeply and will leave your mane bouncy and shining with health all day long.

Product Listings:

Benè Premium Rougeria Delicious SPA Shampoo : RM43.90/530ml
Benè Premium Rougeria Delicious SPA Treatment : RM43.90/530ml
Benè Premium Rougeria Delicious SPA Hair Mask : RM43.90/210g
Benè Premium Rougeria  Delicious SPA Hair Oil : RM43.90/115ml 

Group Shot

A full review on all eight products will be coming along soon but in the meantime if you are wondering on where to find both of Benè Premium Range, they will be made exclusively available in selected Watsons outlets nationwide.

For further information, you can visit Bluria's Official Page or Rougeria's Official Page to find out more.


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