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Yes Or No? | Dr. Wu Hydrating System

On Asian Skincare

Asian skincare is something that I think most of us can appreciate, and even more so when a brand is associated and certified from an actual dermatologist who teaches at the National Taiwan University that is well known for its laser treatments and cosmetic surgery.

With regards to this, today's discussion is going to be about Dr.Wu and being quite familiar and comfortable with using the brand's products in the past (love their Repairing System Range), I found myself delighted when I came across their Hydrating System range. This was introduced to us at an event that we attended about two months ago and the collection is basically a high potency hydration line that contains no alcohol, fragrance and parabens.

Dr. Wu Hyalucomplex Hydrating System

The Range

So a little background into the range, is that this collection is the second upgraded edition of the original Hyalucomplex Hydrating System. The products within the line uses a patented OptimHyal that can penetrate deep into the skin (suitable for dehydrated, normal and sensitive skin), while releasing an unique hydrating protein to activate intra-cellular genetic moisture production to increase the form of skin hydration.

Now there are about 9 products in total within the collection but since we have five of them with us, we are going to give the breakdown on how to optimise the usage of them, as well as the benefits that each of them provide to the skin.

Hydration Gel Cleanser | 150ml

The Gel Cleanser

So first up, we have their Hydration Gel Cleanser. Infused with Hyaluronic Acid, this comes in a gel form that gives a gentle foam cleanse to the skin after a long day. Packaged in a 150ml bottle, this cleanser has a very light refreshing scent and can be used daily, with 1 pump to be spread evenly around the face working from the T-Zone, spreading outwards before rinsing. Skin becomes clean, smooth and supple after application.

Intensive Hydrating Toner | 150ml

On the toner

Next we have the Intensive Hydrating Toner. This has a rather sticky formulation to it but absorbs well into the skin. The product works nicely for dehydrated skin, although the dispenser is a little difficult to get a good amount of product out. Apply a small amount to both the face and neck in circular motion and let it dry down without rinsing. This can be used daily, from day to night.

Intensive Hydrating Gel | 30ml

The Hydrating Gel

Now after you are done with the basics of cleansing and toning, you have here the Intensive Hydrating Gel. Now I am familiar with hydration creams but this product opened a whole new world to me. This gel is extremely lightweight and has quick absorption to it without any form of sticky residue.


It is said to be great at minimizing signs of ageing such as wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots, but so far, I see greater improvement in the skin's radiance. As for its usage, simply apply a small amount to the face and neck in lifting motions and work your way from the centre outwards.

Hydrating Glacier Water | 250ml

The Glacier Water

This product is without a doubt my absolute favorite of the range. This hydration mist comes in a very fine consistency and goes evenly on the face giving a very soothing sensation. The texture is very gentle and it replenishes the skin with moisture well. It is also enriched with mineral nutrients and comes in a 50ml travel size bottle as well. For optimum results, it is best to use it along with the full range but you can also use it as many times as you would need during both day and night.

Ultimate Hydrating Mask with Hyaluronic Acid

On the mask

Since we are on the last product here, it is good to note that you can use this right after cleansing or at the end of your skincare routine. This mask has a Microinject Mask Technology that carries 13 X amount of hydrating serum that can boost moisture. There are three in the pack that you can use twice a week. The mask on overall is well fitted and adjusts nicely to the face without slipping off, just like its a second layer of the skin.

3 layers within

Now I have been using this range for more than a month, and the results certainly have been very refreshing and pleasant. The series is very gentle and is suitable to dry and sensitive skin so I would recommend it to those who are looking for something that is not too harsh or overly intensive.

Applied on

As for where you would be able to purchase the products, you can find them at selected Watsons nationwide and Watsons Online. However in the meantime, for further information, you can certainly check out Dr.Wu's Official Website and Facebook Page for more details.



  1. I didn't know Dr Wu's products that well until I read your previous post. I am delighted to know that they have a new range, and I am keen to give it a go.

  2. I am using few Dr Wu products and I got to say I really love it. Yes, its lil pricey, but its kinda worth it.


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