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Jayeon Sheet Masks Review | Yes Or No?

Now sheets masks are something that most of us often use during the day, especially when we want our skin to feel fresh, hydrated and rejuvenated. Recently, the K-beauty brand Jayeon came across our desks, and thus with that here we have 3 variations of masks that we gave a go on; which are the Raspberry Brightening Mask, Pearl Whitening Mask and the Aloe Hydrating Mask.

So with this, we are going to be giving you a breakdown on how these were, but first it is good to note that all of the brand's sheet masks are gentle, not formulated with any alcohol, parabens, artificial coloring or any animal and mineral oil; which at the end of the day are a huge plus point. Plus all of them are made directly from Korea and each piece retails at RM4 through Jayeon's Official Website and Hermo; which makes them really affordable too. Hence with that being said, let's get down to the basics and details of each of these masks.

First of we are going to begin with the Raspberry Brightening Mask. This one in particular was extremely lovely to use and has a slight fruit scent to it. It absorbs well into the skin and it also tones up the skin to a very natural glow.

Second, we move on to the Pearl Whitening Mask. The consistency on this one is slightly thick and is a bit more stickier than the others once worn on the skin. It gives a sheer glitter effect which was interesting but  does soothe any form of redness that you may have on the skin.

Finally we have our favorite which is the Aloe Hydrating Mask. The absorption level on this was really quick and gives a very nice hydration boost to the skin. Highly recommended to use after a shower or at least 30 minutes before any form of makeup application. You will see a visible difference to your skin's texture, plus it nourishes and plumps the skin well too.

Now on overall, we think that these masks are great. They are affordable, they work, plus in the long run, it gives good improvement to the skin's texture and hydration level too. Plus as mentioned above, they only retail at RM4 each which is great; but for further details, you can head on over to their Official Website or find them available at Hermo as well.

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