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The Face Shop Arsainte Eco-Therapy | Yay Or Nay?

The most recent launch from The Face Shop has received quite a bit of hype from the public, and this is because the products in question are part of a moisturizing range that uses baby bamboo to heighten the skin's hydration power.

Now the features of the collection are quite intriguing, and formulated without the 7 additives (paraben,ethanol,mineral oil, artificial pigment, raw animal ingredients, benzophenone and TEA), we can certainly see why. There are two aspects to The Face Shop's Arsainte Eco-Therapy and that is its main ingredients which are; first the baby bamboo water to deliver the moisture to the skin; and then the second which is its Golden Palm Oil that holds moisture from the inside and outside of the skin.

Tonic With Essential | RM83 for 215ml

So to begin, what you would need to know about this tonic is that it is a mild toner that creates a moisture protection barrier for the skin; mainly for optimal balance for longer lasting hydration. Upon trying it out for two weeks, the texture absorbs into the skin without any stickiness and leaves the skin extremely refreshed. It gives quite a cooling feeling and is best applied with a cotton pad, both day and night.

  • Shake to mix the essential oils and natural oils. This is a mild formula that divides the toner and oil into 2 layers.
  • Take a cotton pad and apply 2-3 drops. 
  • Apply a thin on the face to refresh the skin.

Eco Therapy Moisturizer | RM63 for 125ml

As for the Arsainte Eco Therapy Moisturizer, it follows suit with it being a mild formula as well that goes without the 7 additives, but uses a liquid crystal emulsifying system that minimizes moisture evaporation. 

This product was pretty unique to use because while it gave the skin a nice dewy finish, it felt rather soft and non-sticky. However its good to note that this is the product that helps the skin maintain its moisture for a longer period of time and with that, it uses the fruit of the shea tree (which is used as a local medicine in Africa) to create a skin lipid barrier to keep the skin moisturized and smooth at all times.

Now we always enjoy a great hydration line, but if you are looking for a more water-based one to suit to your skin-tone, there is the Chia Seed hydration line which you can find available at all The Face Shop stores- but if you are searching for a range that is more oil based (they have different benefits), then this would be the one for you (above is the skin's condition after 2 weeks of usage).
The Difference:
  • Arsainte Eco Therapy Line: 
    • Suited for all ages; best for normal to combination skin, makes the skin fresher and replenishes the skin with more moisture.
  • Chia Seed:
    • Best suited to those in their 20s, is best for those who have oily to normal combination skin, and holds 10 times more moisture for the moisture replenished skin.

Now in terms to what we think about the two products from the Arsainte Eco-Therapy Line, we found them to be pretty great, and used hand in hand, they deliver excellent moisturization and softness to the skin. As for the availability of both products in the Arsainte Eco-Therapy, you can find the release only at THE FACE SHOP's e-store and Zalora, but if you were to purchase both the toner and emulsion together, you would get 30% off as well as a free pouch. This would be up till the 31st of October on their e-store, but for further details, you can find out more on their Official Website and Facebook Page as well.

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