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L'erbolario Anti-Stretch Collection | What You Need To Know

More often than not; especially when we talk about our skin concerns, many of us tend to look towards a range that has natural and medicinal ingredients that have beneficial properties to treat our skin. Similarly we have L'erbolario which is an Italian brand that steers away from parabens, preservatives and more within their product range.

Thus with that being said, this October let's have a talk about their Anti-Stretch Collection which consists of their Firming Cream and Body Exfoliant Cream. Both of these are 100% plant base products that are formulated with key ingredients of medicinal plants such as Kigelia Africana and Green Tea Polyphenols; and the takeaway from these two is that they help skin tightening, breast firming and enlarging treatment, plus they also serve as natural anti-oxidants that may prevent cell damage too.

L'erbolario Anti-Stretch Collection

As for the breakdown of these products, let's start off with the Stretch Mark Prevention and Firming Bust Cream first. So what this product does is that it gives toning and firming action to the skin tissues, plus it also helps to nourish, moisturize and soften it as well.

Best used 1-2 times a day using light and circular movements, plus if you would like to promote its absorption of its active ingredients, you can also gently massage it into the skin too. However it is good to note that this cream is not advisable to be used while you are still breastfeeding, so if its done before or after that, it should be alright.

As for the exfoliant cream, the texture is extremely soft and has a nice lingering scent to it. The product itself is meant for deep cleansing; and it refines the skin while removing impurities, dead cells and more from its surface; thus promoting the skin's natural renewal.

This one is recommended to be applied 1 or 2 times a week to damp skin and is best massaged gently in circular movements whilst going over any points where the skin is thicker and rougher. Once every trace of the product has been massage in well, you can rinse it and the skin would feel fresh and clean at every turn.

Now in conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness month this October, L'erbolario will be donating 5% of its October sale of its Anti-Stretchmark Collection to the Breast Cancer Foundation Malaysia, which is amazing.So if you would like to know more about this or on their products, do follow L'erbolario on their Official Website. However if you would like to know more on their updates as well, you can check them out on their Facebook Page too.

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