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Top 3 Selections by THE FACE SHOP's new ambassadors GOT7

So as seen on our Instagram Page and our IG stories, you would already know that THE FACE SHOP is currently holding a contest giveaway for this limited edition #GOTTHEFACE Special Kit featuring their new ambassadors GOT7 and their Top 3 Favorite Beauty Products Picks.

However, as we are pretty intrigued with what their Top 3 Picks were going to be, we are going to do a breakdown of their three selections. Nonetheless before we start, we should mention that this particular set is not for sale, both online and in stores; however if you would like to make a purchase on their products, you can get them individually from all THE FACE SHOP outlets in Malaysia and at their e-store.

The Yehwadam Heaven Grade Ginseng Rejuvenating Essence | RM239.90 for 45ml

With regards to this first pick, the Yehwadam series is THE FACE SHOP's signature anti-aging skincare line, which is their number one best selling skincare range of the brand. Now we have given a go at their previous series before (Revitalizing and & Pure Brightening), but with this essence; we found it to be more highly concentrated and rich in its ingredients; but surprisingly more lightweight which is able to penetrate into the skin rather quickly. Application for this essence is for both day and night and a light layer would do to moisturize, firm and soften the skin on a daily basis.

The Miracle Finish Anti-Darkening Cushion Foundation | RM98.85 

Now with regards to this second selection, we have spoken about it quite a few times and we have to say that this is an all in one cushion that is used for those who would like a light, but luminous layer of coverage. It is able to last throughout the day without oxidizing and gives a very fresh look together with sun protection benefits as well.

The Dr. Belmeur Daily Repair Panthenol Soothing Gel Cream | RM140 per 80ml

We have always been a fan of this line from THE FACE SHOP, and with regards, the Dr Belmeur has two within the range; one being the Daily Repair and the other being the Advance Cica. A personal favorite is the Advance Cica though; due to it being targeted towards ultra dry skin, but with regards to the Daily Repair- if you have sensitive, redness or acne prone skin, this this would be the one for you.

So what this product does is that it helps to strengthen the skin barrier to soothe sensitive skin and hydrate it. Which means, that if you have redness or any form of blemishes, this would help calm it and gently reduce it too. On whole, the formulation is extremely gentle and has a translucent consistency which goes on effortlessly into the skin. There is no form of skin irritation when its applied on too which is great as well.

On overall, these are the Top 3 selections from GOT7, so if you would like to have a look at the products individually, they are available at all of THE FACE SHOP's outlets nationwide together with their online store as well. For further details, you can also visit their Official Facebook Page and don't forget to participate in their IG giveaway as well for this exclusive set on their Instagram as well.

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