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Dr.Belmeur Advance Cica Review | What You Need To Know

Dr. Belmeur Advance Cica

Having spoken about Dr. Belmeur before (you can read about it here), you would know that this specific range from THE FACE SHOP is based on its low irritant formula and mild plant based ingredients, which makes it suitable for sensitive skin. With that being said, now there is an extension to the line called the Dr.Belmeur Advance Cica, and this is a premium range of products that is formulated with high efficacy active ingredients, that not only suits to sensitive skin but also helps to improve damaged skin as well.

What is New About Dr.Belmeur Advance Cica?

On the Products

With regards to this, the Advance Cica range was created after extensive research to care for and improve damaged skin from environmental stressors, thus with that being said, the range has an unique technology called Skin Sync Rx™, which contains a trio of star ingredients to moisturize, soothe and strengthen the skin.
  • Ceramide: 
    • This is a key ingredient in forming the skin’s barrier, helping prevent moisture  loss while locking in hydration.
  • Panthenol: 
    • Also known as Pro-vitamin B5, this delivers intense moisture without causing  irritation or sensitivity.  
  • Centella Asiatica Extract:
    • An anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredient, also called  Tiger Grass because tigers used to roll themselves on this plant to treat their own wounds.
The Dermatologically-Tested Range

Hence in terms to that, to provide instant and long term relief to irritated skin while helping repair the damage from inside and out, we have this specially curated line for sensitive skin. Each one of the products from the range are dermatologically-tested, formulated without major additives that cause sensitivity (such as synthetic pigments,  artificial fragrance, triethanolamine, mineral oil, benzophenone-3, ethanol, talc and benzoic  acid), and are delicately-scented with a 100% natural citrus-floral fragrance.
The Difference between the Dr.Belmeur range:

  • Dr.Bealmeur Daily Repair: Focused on Dry Skin
  • Dr. Belmeur Clarifying: For Acne-Prone and Oily Skin
  • Dr. Belmeur Advance Cica: For Sensitive & Damaged Skin

Know More About the Products

On the Recovery Serum

In terms of this first product, this is the Advanced Cica Recovery Serum (RM165 for 50ml) that provides damaged skin with soothing, skin barrier-strengthening, regenerating and firming ingredients all in one.

The Texture

Basically what this does is that it helps lock in moisture while improving the fine scratches on the skin's surface with it's  Skin Sync Rx™ technology, while the ointment-like texture gives a velvety smooth finish that forms a skin-like barrier to deliver continuous moisture and care.

The Recovery Cream
The Consistency

As for the Advanced Cica Recovery Cream (RM165 for 50ml), this is a product that focuses on moisture recharge where the skin needs to be deeply-hydrated on the inside to restore the skin's barrier to its healthy condition. Upon application, the product also creates a protective barrier on the skin's surface to smooth and soothe fine scratches as well.

The Sheet Mask

Next up, here we have the Advanced Cica Hyaluronic Sheet Mask (RM18 for 30g). This product is infused with high purity Hyaluronic Acid and is well fitted to those who have extra sensitive and dry skin. As seen above, it has a gel like essence that envelops the skin in a soft, dewy moisture. 

The Hand Cream

Finally we have here the Advanced Cica Recovery Hand Cream (RM50 for 60ml). Now with regards to this addition, this product shields your hands and nails from irritation, plus since this is an anti-wrinkle cream, it also provides 24 hours of long lasting moisture as well. It absorbs well into the skin, doesn't leave a sticky residue, plus it has a soft lingering  citrus-floral scent that is quite pleasant too.

Now in terms ti when the full line of Dr.Belmeur Advance Cica products will be available to its stores and online, the range will be in within this month on April 2018. In the meantime for further details, head on over to THE FACE SHOP's Official Website and Facebook Page for more updates.

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