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Melvita Argan Pur Concentrate Youthful Oil-Serum Review

Recently we have been implementing Melvita's Argan Oil-Serum in to our skincare routine, and one of the things that was really enjoyed about the product is that it has a multi-purpose usage, where it can be utilised on the skin, hair, nails and even on the body.

Melvita's Argan Youthful Oil-Serum | 30ml at RM240

However it is best to note that this particular product is rather concentrated, which mean a little goes a long way in order to achieve great revitalising & renewal properties on the skin as a result. Plus this serum has also encapsulated 255 drops of revitalising again oil and amino acid; which in turn; helps to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines as well as firming the skin.

So with that being said, let's start off with the packaging. Now the Melvita Argan Oil-Serum comes in a 30ml glass bottle and retails at RM240. It is meant to redefine facial contours as well as to combat anti-aging. When utilised, the formula is quite nourishing, light as well as having quick absorption; and when applied to the skin, it leaves a non-greasy finish and has a light lingering scent which can be easily massage in to the skin.

Now over the past two weeks of usage, we have to say that the skin definitely felt more firmer, lifted and smoother (strengthened the collagen's structure); and in terms to the fine lines,  the improvement certainly has been gradual. Nonetheless, the skin does looks more plump and healthier which we are quite happy with, and we are hopeful that over the next few months, it will get better as we utilise the product more and more.

Tips & Recommendations:

  • Best to utilise after applying toner, but just before your moisturising routine.
  • Apply morning, and evening to face and neck. 
  • There is a massage routine that goes with it, where you place to fingers on each corner of the lips, then make circular movements over the skin, working outwards and up to the temples.
  • 100% natural & free from mineral oil, paragon and synthetic fragrance
In the meantime, for further details and updates, you can head on over to their Official Facebook Page and Website for more details. It is also currently in stores, retailing at RM240 for 30ml as well. 

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