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Ringing in the Lunar New Year with Daniel Wellington

It has definitely been awhile since I have done a good fashion timepiece post, so for this Lunar New Year 2019, we begin with something a little festive for Spring but with a classic & timeless touch; and that would be the one and only Daniel Wellington.

Daniel Wellington's Limited Edition Classic Suffolk Watch

Now as you all know, the brand Daniel Wellington is known globally for their clean & minimalistic aesthetic; one of which their watches mirrors a Scandinavian design, but with the precision and accuracy of a Japanese movement timepiece. They have quite a unique range of watches which are meant for every occasion; plus the brand keeps its timeless style and versatility in mind in its designs for its users constantly.

Also if most of you have been following me for awhile now, you would probably already know that timepieces are something that I hold very dear to my heart and if you are the sort who is celebrating the arrival of CNY like I am, then the time for outfits and accessory pairings should be at an all time high. Plus as the traditional lucky colour for the new year is red, below we have Daniel Wellington's limited-edition Classic Suffolk Watch to ring in the brand new year as well.

For this limited edition timepiece, Daniel Wellington has launched them in 4 various sizes; two of which are the Classic Petite that come in 28mm and 32mm respectively, while the other two are 36mm and 40mm. It's good to note that each of these are an online exclusive only and all 4 of them features an eggshell white dial and a deep red leather strap that gives a stunning contrast to its rose gold case.

In terms to its retail, you can find it below for reference, but if you would like to save a little during your purchase, you can also use the code 'penmyblog19' to get 15% off your entire order. In addition, not only that, you would also get a complimentary gift wrapping and free shipping as well. This will be up till the 19th of February, so definitely do pop by Daniel Wellington's Official Site and check it out.
Daniel Wellington Limited Edition Classic Suffolk Retail:

  • Classic Petite Suffolk : 28mm at RM600
  • Classic Petite Suffolk : 32mm at RM680
  • Classic Suffolk: 36mm at RM730
  • Classic Suffolk: 40mm at RM850

In the meantime having worn this watch out a couple of times, I have to stay that the durability, design and the whole look of it is pretty stellar. What we have on is the Classic Suffolk in 36mm and as can be seen, the timepiece is indeed one of a kind that is perfectly suited to the Lunar New Year. So for further details, don't forget to head on over to Daniel Wellington's Official Website for more updates, and if you would want to know more you can also head to their Facebook Page as well.

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