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By Eggs Boing Boing Soy Pudding Sleeping Mask

First off, Happy New Year you guys! Hope you all had a great celebration with friends and family, and thus to kickstart off 2019, let's begin our very first post with the core of beauty, which is of course good skincare.

Now since the Christmas season has come to pass, there were a lot of new insertions that were being introduced to the beauty community; and one of which was by our favourite local skincare brand; ByEggs. We have spoken about them before on our site (which has been linked here) but as of December last year, the brand has officially launched their first ever sleeping mask; called the Soy Pudding Mask.

ByEggs Soy Pudding Sleeping Mask | 80g at RM119

Enriched with hydrating ingredients such as soy extract, hyaluronic acid and squalane, this mask has a rather bouncy texture to give the skin a rather plum and moisturising finish. Its packaging also mirrors its description, where it comes in a rather adorable milk-like bottle that holds the consistency within.

As for the texture, a little goes a long way; and with that, it remains rather cooling when applied on the skin. Not only that but with a thin layer, you can also leave it on overnight and wake up the next day and gently wash it off to reveal a nice glowy and hydrating finish.

Banana Boost Face Toner | 150ml at RM69 

As for this toner, it is part of ByEggs Boing Boing Holiday Set which you can get for RM239, but you can also purchase it individually at RM69 at 150ml. As you can probably see, the texture of this formulation is rather unique for this toner has Calendula flowers within; plus it also has the moisturising aspect that is enriched with banana extract and vitamin B to balance the skin as well as assisting it it anti-aging.

Now this toner is more suitable for dry and mature types of skin, but it also can be used for combination as well. Application is pretty straightforward (after cleansing and use a cotton pad) but you would need to shake it well before use.

Banana Milk Cleanser | 180ml at RM69

As for the last one, which is the Banana Milk Cleanser, it is also a part of the Boing Boing Holiday Set; but can be purchased individually at RM69. What it is though, is a 2-in1 moisturising face cleanser and makeup remover; pluswhat was enjoyed about it most is that it is extremely gentle and well balanced for dry skin. It removes light makeup on the face, eye and lip effortlessly and it also helps to clean and remove and access dirt from the skin without stripping it of its moisture.

In terms to how to utilise it, a coin sized amount would do and it would be best applied on a cotton pad first, then on to the face to cleanse. Nonetheless, in terms to the removal of eye makeup, it would be best to hold the consistnacy on to the eye area for 20-30 seconds (this work well for non-waterproof makeup) and then  gently rinsing it off with warm water. Your face would feel fresh and well-moisturised right after.

On overall, all three products are wonderful to use but a favourite that has been a constant in our skincare recently has to be the Soy Pudding Sleeping Mask. It has been a staple in our night-time skincare routine and if you are looking for something that is gentle, well balanced and not too overly rich, then this would be wonderful addition to use just to boost up your moisture level for the skin on a daily basis. Plus that texture is just very satisfying to apply on the face as well.

In the meantime as mentioned before, these products are available to purchase both in a holiday set and individually as well, but for more details, these products are currently available online through By Eggs Official Website. For more updates, you can also follow them on their Official Instagram handle for further details too.

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