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Ways to up your property for Airbnb

There are some cases where HDB applicants failed to obtain HDB loans because they failed to fulfill their eligibility for HDB loan and opted for private residential. But you have no intention to move into your new condominium but wouldn’t want your property to go vacant. Thus, you have decided to join the Airbnb trend to earn some side income, you will need to go through an extended trip and want to rent your place out while you are away.

While we know that there are some no-nos to avoid in your rental. However, there are also a bunch of useful tips that you can use to make your listing hot and appealing property on the home sharing platform.

Strong Admin Game

Though it might sound boring and dreadful task but making sure your profile is up to date, responding to comments and promptly replying to all inquiries are absolutely essential if you want to get noticed. Plus, it all adds to the chances of you becoming an Airbnb which can be priceless in getting your listing to the top of the search pages.

Feature one high-class design piece

More often than not, most places are a clutter of unremarkable, cookie-cutter furnishings that inspire little excitement. Well, this matter is totally understandable, especially in a second home. There is one striking piece can make your property or unit outstanding from others. Investing in an eye-catching feature piece like chandelier, art piece, quality wooden table and others. When it is set against a white backdrop, a good quality chair with clean lines and in a vibrant color will make your living room pop and lively.

Artsy fartsy

If you have got fairly plain apartment and not much room to get a feature piece to spice it up, spray some color on the wall could be the answer. It is not necessary you don’t have to invest in expensive art piece or drawings like Picasso. Yet, it would be good to have some tasteful prints on the wall or even an artistic rug that can liven up a place and they don’t take up any valuable floor space in smaller rooms.

Importance of a clean bathroom

This goes without saying that your whole place should be spotless before guests arrive. It is universally accepted that people especially love a crisp, clean bathroom like the one in Bali. After all, when no one wants be reminded of past residents when using the facilities. Thus, you have to make sure you give your bathroom a deep clean and getting it sparkle. You could place some white fluffy towels in there to give it in the five star vibes and if you have got a tub, do flaunt it.

Your best friend is creative camera angles

This is not strictly something you can do with your property, yet it is certainly a handy trick that can make a difference and it will cost you nothing. With the right camera angle can enlarge a space and make it significantly more appealing to anyone that is trawling through hundreds of similar postings. When using fish-eye lens may be taking it a little far, it is perfectly acceptable to add it into internet 'curb appeal’ to your listing by employing a wide angle.

Flaunt it if you have architectural beauty

If by any chance that you own a special gem with its own architectural or design highlights, make sure you are not to drown them out with too much clutter.

Lighting and mirrors

Illusion is all you need to make your property alluring to your potential renters. By just simply lit up the room brightly immediately turns the unit more attractive than dark and dingy places. Thus, make sure to light up your property. Natural light is undoubtedly the best way to go, but if you are struggling for that, there few well-positioned lamps around the place can make all the difference. Mirrors are a great way to give the illusion of big space by reflecting the light back into the room. If you can, a wall of mirrors makes a place feel significantly warmth. Natural lighting is a powerful source to keep your tenant happy.

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