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Laneige Cream Skin Refiner Review

So today we are going to be discussing all about Laneige's Cream Skin Refiner, and you guys this product has only hit the beauty market several months ago, but it has already been making waves for its great results within the community.

Now one the main reasons that this product has been getting raved about is because it is described to be a lightweight toner but delivers a strong hydration aspect to the skin like a cream moisturiser. This is definitely a new technology with Laneige and since I have been using it regularly for the past two weeks, let me share with you guys my thoughts and the overall breakdown on it.

Laneige Cream Skin Refiner | What You Need To Know

So first up, let's talk about packaging. Like all Laneige products, this new release comes in a classic frosted glass bottle, which is capped rather nicely on top to avoid product spillage. The Cream Skin Refiner retails at RM125 online and offline for a 150ml bottle and can last for up to 6-12 months - depending on how consistent your usage is of it.

In terms to its usage, the product is best suited to those who have normal to dry skin due to the fact that it targets to get a a good level of moisture into the skin without the additional aspect of heaviness or stickiness. It is also good to note that it is alcohol-free, fragrance-free and paraben-free too.

Texture, Application & Results

Now the texture of this product reminds me of milk, and this is not only because of its color, but of its consistency as well. The scent of it is rather faint, but upon closer inspection, it does smell like almond milk which is actually quite nice.

As for its application, since the consistency of it is really runny, it would be best recommended to apply it with your hands as you can cup the dispensed texture with the size of your palm, and then gently pat it into the skin; layering it in up to 3 times if you have dry skin. (twice if you have normal skin. There is a noticeable layer of dewiness after application as well)

What was also noticed that is pretty unique is that the Cream Skin Refiner is made with White Tea instead of Green Tea. This gives the product a higher level of oxidants, thus maximising its overall benefits and results on the skin.

So in terms to its results, especially after using it for over 2 weeks, I have to say that this product is definitely not your average toner. It does deliver pretty instant results and great moisture to the skin which follows through to its description, but its not the type that would be too heavy; which is a good thing because if you have dry skin, too much of hydration would result in oil seeds. Plus its good to note that I do apply multiple layers of it after cleansing & exfoliating, so in terms to that, the product does balance the given hydration levels on the skin really well.

Now the only downside to this, is that if you are a heavy user of it like me where you apply multiple layers of it each time, then it might not last you very long (at most 6 months). However seeing that the price point of this is at RM125, breaking it down to 6 months, it would basically be using RM20 worth of product each month, which is pretty good.

However if you would like to know more about the Lineage Cream Skin Refiner, you can always head on over to Laneige's Official Facebook Page for more information.

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