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Thank You Farmer Skincare | Miracle Age Collection

Over the course of last week, we attended Thank You Farmer's Back To Nature Workshop and we were thus introduced to the brand's newly launched Miracle Age line. Now from what we know is that this K-Beauty brand has been around for awhile and having over 8 existing lines under its belt, this new addition focuses on vitality, radiance and firmness of the skin.

Thank You Farmer Miracle Age Line

Now as mentioned earlier, there are currently over 8 different ranges within Thank You Farmer (Miracle Age is the 9th), and while we will list them down below for easier reference, the main takeaway you would need to know about the brand is that they are paraben free, cruelty free, sulphate free (irritant free), have natural ingredients and are dermatologically tested. Not only that, but their skincare line is also safe for sensitive skin as well.
Thank You Farmer Existing Range (not including the Miracle Age):

  • True Water Deep :
    • A high moisturising and calming line. It delivers the deep power of moisture for dry skin and has 6 products within.

  • True Water Light:
    • This collection has a light and airy formula for oily and combination skin. It moistures the skin inside and out and consists of 3 products.

  • Sun Project:
    • This its a fresh sincere line free of stickiness for radiant skin. There are 3 products within and it's ingredients consists of Phyto-Oligo which is anti-inflammatory and soothing as well as Inca Omega Oil for anti-aging purposes. 

  • Be Beautiful:
    • This is a base makeup line that completes pure and clear radiant skin. There are 4 products within and it enhances the adherence of makeup and captures the moisture in the skin for long lasting makeup.

  • Back To Iceland:
    • This is a skin purifying cleansing line that keeps the skin moist and clear. There are a total of 3 products within and it is formulated with Iceland Moss that removes impurities while leaving the skin moisturised. 

  • Back To Pure & Relax:
    • As for this range, it is soothing care for sensitive skin due to external factors. There are 2 products within to revitalise and soothe the skin with pore purification effect and exceptional hydrating effect.

  • Star Mask:
    • These contain 2 products within and has a golden ratio of effective ingredients for intensive hydration and brightening. The first is the Centella Balancing Star Mask for hydration and trouble care, and the other is the Saccharomy Brightening Star Mask for elasticity and brightening.

  • Country Man:
    • As for this final one, there are specially designed for men's skincare to regain the liveliness of the skin & reduce excessive sebum. There are 2 products within (which also comes in a set) and is set to give nourishment to men's damaged skin for vitality.

Now in terms to their latest release which is the Miracle Age Rage, this is a pre-antiaging & nourishing repair line for dry skin. There are a total of 6 products within, as well as 1 Miracle Age Special Edition Set and according to Thank You Farmer, there are 3 steps to utilise them which will be listed below.

3 Main Steps To Skincare: (1st two steps are utilising the Miracle Age range)

  • Tone with the Miracle Age Repair Toner (this strengthens the skin's energy)
  • Moisturize with its Repair Cream to protect your skin.
  • Use sunblock and makeup.

In terms to the products within the Miracle Age range, the first one we have is the Toner, followed up by an Eye Cream, then the Serum and Emulsion, and the final two which are the Repair Cream and Repair Cotton Mask. As mentioned above, there is a special edition set that includes the Toner and Emulsion as well.

Now a personal favourite has to be the Repair Cream because while it is rich in formulation, the texture is lightweight and with this, it blocks oxygen radicals and soothes red and sensitive skin. One thing that was noticed about this cream was that it adds firmness to the skin and gives a nice radiant finish too.

Now the Miracle Age range was really nice to use and considering that the collection focuses on pre-antiaging, brightening, anti-wrinkle, & firming and elasticity; these aspects are definitely a two thumbs up on our end. In terms of their other line of products, two key ones to highlight is the BB and CC Cream (makeup) and their True Water Vita Mist. Each of these are perfect to utilise for our Malaysian weather, plus it gives a very refreshing and healthy finish to the skin as well.

In the meantime, THANK YOU FARMER is now available at all Sasa Malaysia outlets and selected AEON stores, but if you would like to know more, you can visit their Official Website and Facebook Page for further details.

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