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diptyque Lucky Charms Holiday Collection 2019

Since it is coming to the year end, we are pretty sure everyone is looking forward to the upcoming holiday season, and with gifting in mind for loved ones, Diptyque has just introduced its brand new upcoming winter launch and that is its Lucky Charms Holiday Collection for 2019.

Diptyque Lucky Charms Holiday Collection 2019

Now every year Diptyque wows us with its beautiful limited edition sets, and for this year, it is no different. Featuring a collaboration with German based illustrator, artist and designer Olaf Hajek, the Lucky Charms collection reinterprets the popular and colourful themes found in native art, with universal symbols that bring luck, protection and harmony.

Kicking off with its Lucky Charm Candles Collection, this trio in red, green and blue comes from a Latin American legend that believes the colours can strengthen each wish. There is also a set of 12 scented candles, each representing the signs of the Zodiac too, along with a Giant Ambre Candle with the Glass Candle Holder, as well as a beautiful snow globe with gold flakes and the very popular and exclusive advent Calendar featuring 25 products within too.

We will be including the list and retail for each of these down below for easier reference.
diptyque Lucky Charms Holiday 2019 Collection | List & Retail:

  • Candle Lucky Flowers 70g - RM199
  • Candle Protective Pine 70g - RM199
  • Candle Blissful Amber 70g - RM199
  • Candle Lucky Flowers 190g - RM329
  • Candle Protective Pine 190g - RM329
  • Candle Blissful Amber 190g - RM329
  • Protective Pine- Interior Scent 150ml - RM289
  • Giant Amber Candle - RM1699
  • Set of 12 35g candles - RM879
  • Set of three 70g candles - RM509
  • Set of baby candles 35g - RM389
  • Set of car diffuser + 4 inserts - RM950
  • Snow Globe - RM479
  • Advent Calendar - RM2,990
  • Eau Rose Surprise pocket - RM199
  • Do Son/Tubér Surprise Pocket - RM199
  • Set of four Do Son Fragrance Gestures - RM689
  • Hand Care Duo Set - RM379
  • EDP Discovery Set 5 x7.5ml - RM459
In the meantime, the Holiday Collection will be launched at all Diptyque boutiques and KENS Apothecary stores on October 31st, where else the Advent Calendar will become available on October 16th. For further details, you can also head on over to KENS Apothecary Official Website for more updates as well.

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