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Nippon Paint Malaysia 'Spark Diwali Joy' Workshop

A few weeks ago, my husband and I attended a media workshop for the upcoming Diwali season held by Nippon Paint Malaysia. Nippon Paint, as most of you know is known to be one of the leading experts in color and coating solutions, and hence for this particular Spark Diwali Joy Workshop, we were encouraged to go hands-on and explore our creativity to makeover our spaces for the festive season.

Nippon Paint Malaysia | Spark Diwali Joy Workshop

Now before we began, Mr Lim Chi Yaw who is the Marketing Manager for Nippon Paint Malaysia gave a few warm words, along with interior designer Ben Firdaus, who then did the introduction of the Spark Diwali Joy Workshop.

He made some good points, throughout the workshop such as when selecting colours for the home- it is always good to keep in mind of the type of spaces that you have at home; one of which is private (which is your kitchen, living and dining), and personal spaces (the bedroom or study). Color and tone selection for these would be based on a preference of course; but usually for private spaces where you would be inviting guests to your home, it's always great to keep it open, fresh and inviting with neutral tones.

Nonetheless for this particular session, we decided to use brighter and bolder shades and patterned stencils; partly because Deepavali season is known to be rather vibrant; hence keeping things more fun and full of color, we decided to work with the combination of yellow and pink. Also, it is good to note that before laying down the tones, a sealer was used as a base-coat as well, and this is just to bring out the pure color intensity and vibrancy of the layers on the top.

During the workshop, we used the Nippon Paint Odour-less AirCare range as a topcoat which helps to refresh indoor air quality at home. Now this is pretty inspirational for home makeovers, as you can use this aspect to stencil a kolam design or add in a Diwali-inspired design to your existing feature wall to bring a whole new look for your home. This can be used as a photo-wall for Diwali festivities, plus you can also mix and match colours for a refreshing look for Deepavali celebrations too.

We also had the opportunity to try out the all new Nippon Paint Gold Paint which was used to transform a simple canister into a gold candlelight holder for the festive season. The paint definitely gave it a refreshed look and feel, plus it can also easily give small items at home a makeover as well. Also if you are the sort who enjoys gold accents in your home, you can also use this as a way to refresh your old pieces like photo-frames or unwanted wooden objects and bring them to life with the Nippon Paint Gold Paint.

The Nippon Paint Gold Paint is suitable for all types of surfaces at home, ranging from wood, concrete, plaster and metal and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use as well. It is also able to withstand the harsh Malaysian weather and is retailed at RM35 per tub of 250gm (full details here).

All in all, the Spark Diwali Joy Workshop was a great experience, and the event was a wonderful way to bring everyone together to learn more about colours, the types of paints and how tones can help beautify your space in order to bring more fun and warmth into it.

In the meantime, if you would like to find out more details on Nippon Paint's range, do head on over to their Official Website for further information as well.

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