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The Grand Getaway | Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur

2020 has officially come to an end, and for the end of the year celebration, we spent the day at The Grand Getaway at Grand Hyatt, Kuala Lumpur. This eventful experience was a blend of fine dining, special effects and visual ambiance all in one, and thus transports guests around the world to bring their culinary senses to an all new elevated delight.

Now The Grand Getaway is unique in a sense that it has been designed to take experiential travel and dining through a fun in-flight experience that will not only have guests be seated in an aircraft atmosphere, but also have a real-time airport sequence and experience too.

However before you were to head into the Grand Ballroom where the experience takes flight, the foyer also welcomes a familiar airport sight, where flight information boards are being propped up, boarding reports being announced across the room and airport staff & security are hustling about. There is even a 360° destination simulator which was pretty cool and on top of it all, there are plenty of photo opportunities that you can have taken there too.

Now relieving the entire experience definitely made us miss travelling but we have to say that this concept from Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur was really nice because we got to relive the experience of flying and dining internationally again. Additionally, the experience can also be elevated even more for those who would book the First Class Suite or a Family Getaway package, for they would have the inclusions of a chauffeur service and a pre-boarding access to the Grand Premium Lounge for a welcome cocktail.

Now moving on to the experience and dishes served, we have the The Airliner Menu for the night that comprises of worldly flavours from Tokyo, San Fransisco, Moscow, Venice and Kuala Lumpur. The full breakdown of the menu will be listed below for reference, but all these dishes go together with the amazing display of sound , light and special effects. Plus similarly to the experience, there is also a wonderful hospitable airline crew donned in their full attire to assist you whenever you would need them too.

Airliner Menu:

  • Tokyo: Japanese Scallop, Wakame, Radish, Sesame, Shoyu Dressing

  • San Francisco: California Clam Chowder

  • Moscow: Forest Berry Sorbet

  • Venice: Oven Baked Lamb Rack, Lemon, Herb, Sautéed Garden Greens, Truffle Mashed Potato and Thyme Jus

  • Kuala Lumpur: Dessert Platter consisting of Mocha, Sundae, Ms. Pavlova, and Sago Gula Melaka

  • *Coffee or Tea

Tokyo Dish  | The Grand Getaway

With our first destination being Tokyo, we were served with this scrumptious course of Japanese Scallops, ikura, wakame, radish and more. This dish was an excellent starter, extremely savoury and was very well prepared. Absolutely loved this one.

San Fransisco Dish  | The Grand Getaway

As for our second serve, the destination was San Francisco; and thus we were served one of their signatures which was the California Clam Chowder. The soup was also served traditionally in a bun with croutons at the side, and it was a nice dish to have, as it was warm, comforting, tasty and rich.

Moscow Dish  | The Grand Getaway

As for our third dish, this one was from Moscow, and upon the presentation, the hall suddenly began snowing which was such a pleasant surprise. The dish in hand was the Forest Berry Sorbet and a nice smoky presentation was done with it too which was really fun and interactive to see. The taste was refreshing, cooling & sweet and it acted as a nice palette cleanser before we went on to the main course.

Venice Dish  | The Grand Getaway

In terms to the fourth course, this one was an oven-baked lamb rack that came with sautéed garden greens, truffle mashed potatoes and thyme jus. The texture for this was tender, of medium temperature and was cooked well. We also enjoyed the truffle mash potato as well, and the combination of the two together with the vegetables were really nice.

Kuala Lumpur Dish  | The Grand Getaway


As for the final dish, the destination took a home course to Kuala Lumpur where a dessert platter was served that consists of mocha, sundae, ms.pavlova, tiramisu, and sago gula melaka. We particularly enjoyed the sago gula melaka and tiramisu as the sweetness was balanced well with textures.

On overall, the dining experience at Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur was definitely an unforgettable one and certainly one that has made avid travellers appreciate and enjoy, especially in the midst of this pandemic. However if you would like to know more, like the details of the rate and such, you can also kindly find it below for your warm reference. Additionally, do kindly note that a surcharge of RM200 nett per person applies on top of the selected price on specified blackout dates as well (December 24, 25 and 31, 2020 and February 14, 2020) as well.

Rate and Class Details | Mon-Friday (7pm-9pm) & Sat-Sun/Public Holidays (7pm-9pm)

Premium Economy Class | RM450 nett per person

  •  5-course Airliner Menu 
  • Free flow of signature coolers (non-alcoholic) 
  •  You can also add on RM100 nett to enjoy free flow of house pouring wines

Business Class | RM650 nett per person

  •  5-course Elite Menu 
  • Free flow of signature coolers (non-alcoholic) Exclusive one-hour access to Go Grand Premium Lounge at level 37 for pre-boarding cocktail 
  • You can add on RM100 nett to enjoy free flow of house pouring wines

Junior Class | RM250 nett per person

  •  5-course Junior Menu 
  • Free flow of signature coolers (non-alcoholic)  

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