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Eoyunggam Youth Vitality Review

Inspired by Asian wisdom, this skincare range from Eoyunggam embodies both harmony and equilibrium with nature. Other than tat, this deluxe skincare also originated from Korean medical herbs, and combined with other herbal extracts, offers a synergy of precious oriental natural ingredients with sophisticated formulation, delivering youth energy for the ultimate skin solution. Additionally, this range also treats the skin from the core and review the skin's natural health, so on overall this line pursues true beauty in  upholding previous Korean herbal medicine with advanced patented technology.

So what you would need to know about the Eoyunggam line is that there are 3 products within its collection. First off we have the Youth Vitality Activating Serum which is to revive and repair the skin, then the Reinforcing Cream to nourish it and finally the Reinforcing Mask to plump and moisturise the skin.

Youth Vitality Activating Serum

Hence to begin, here we have the Youth Vitality Serum and it comes in a bottle of 50ml. This is the First Step to the range and is formulated for everyday use immediately after washing the face. Utilizing this serum boosts the following skincare routine and it is enriched with a concentrated blend of nutrients to provide intensive hydration to dry and tired skin. It also gives the skin a soft and radiant look while enhancing the regenerative power and protective barrier by the Ginsenoside in Golden Ginseng as well.

Youth Vitality Reinforcing Cream

Next we have the Youth Vitality Reinforcing Cream and this comes in a jar of 50ml too. Now this cream is formulated to help lock in moisture and maintain the natural oil balance of the skin. It is best used after cleansing and toning and has an anti-oxidant energy found in Andrographis Paniculata Extract to help care for signs of ageing to promote a more youthful appearance as well.

Youth Vitality Reinforcing Mask

As for the final one in the line, this is the Youth Vitality Reinforcing Mask and it is a nutrient-rich intensive home remedy which delivers extra moisture and nourishment to the skin. It helps create a protective layer to resist external harmful factors as it locks in nutrition while it effortlessly rejuvenates the skin for a more radiant look.

Now the Eoyunggam skincare range is now available at SaSa Malaysia so you can definitely check them out there, but in the meantime, for more details on the products, you can also follow SASA Malaysia on Instagram as well.

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