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Travelling Back From Singapore To Malaysia Requirements During MCO & CMCO

It seems like only a year ago we were still able to commute between Singapore and Malaysia without any worry. Right now there are many procedures and hoops to jump through to make a trip possible, so here I will be sharing my experience of how I managed to arrange for my trip back to Malaysia from Singapore.

First of all, kindly take note that this applies to those who are Singapore PR without a PCA or RGL arrangement, so do use this information if you fit this criteria. 

Okay, so let us get a quick check list on what you will be needing first:

  • Travel Note: You will need to present this at the check in counter at the airport.
  • Letter Of Undertaking (LOU): This will be needed when you reach Malaysia customs.
  • Hotel booking confirmation (if you chose to prebook) to be presented at Malaysia Customs
  • MySejahtera App downloaded and installed on your mobile device. 

Now I will explain how and where to get these documents for your trip. The travel note is a fairly process, so just go to the  My Pass Website and fill in your particulars. You will have to download and print out the LOU form, fill it out and scan it and upload it. Then, you can find a link to the form on the FAQ page that is on the My Pass Webpage. Next, you will also be asked for your date of travel, and here you do not have to provide an exact date as the letter will be valid for 1 month, so once done, you can check your email in a day or two for the travel note. If you have not received it (which happened to me) do remember to reply back to the email they sent to you that states that they have received your travel note request and inform them that you have yet to receive the letter. 

Next step would be to arrange your stay. You would have two choices here which are standard stay or the premium stay. From what I know, the standard stay is RM 150 a night and you will arrange this at the customs area. It is good to take note that you will be unable to choose where you stay during quarantine and you will be shuttled to your accommodation by bus. For this, I chose for the Premium option which allowed me to book my stay in advance and I was able to select my hotel as well as a private car service to the hotel. In terms to this, I booked my Q stay with JTB, and for reference, you can contact them through their business enquiry WhatsApp number @ +60122942155. They will advice you on how to book your stay and refer you to the right person. I chose to stay at the Impiana KLCC hotel at RM295 a night for 6 nights. The private airport transfer service cost was RM350 and will be arranged by hotel. Thus this brings it to a grand total of RM2320 which includes three meals a day.

Now if you didn't do a pre departure swab test before you leave Singapore to Malaysia then you will have to complete 10 days of quarantine instead of 7 days. You will also be swabbed on arrival in Malaysia. The swab need to be done within 72 hours of your travel date. You can find your nearest predeparture swab test  at the MOH Website. Swab test will cost SGD 200. You can show the soft copy results from the email you will receive to the health officers at KLIA to verify that you qualify for a 7 day quarantine. 

With these in hand, you are now ready to depart. Upon arrival you will be escorted from the arrival gate to the bus departing for the customs area. You will need to access your MySejahtera app here, and you will be guided on the check in process and given your Person Under Surveillance(PUS)  order  on your app. Also, do remember screenshot this as you will need to present this later. 

So once you have been processed, collect your bags and you will be escorted to a waiting area. Approach the staff there and give them your driver details which would have been provided to you via email by the hotel correspondence. Once you are given the go ahead to leave, you will be led to your driver. Bags will be disinfected before being loaded into the car and then begins your journey to the hotel.

Now at hotel check in, the staff will give you a standard briefing on what you can and cannot do. For Premium stays, you will be given a RM90 credit for you to spend on lunch and dinner from a menu. Breakfast is pretty standard and you will not be able to choose your meal. Any excess to your RM90 credit will be charged to your room and you cannot carry forward this credit to the next day, so do keep that in mind.

Additionally, you will have to do a swab test on either the fourth or fifth day of quarantine. This will be RM150 and will be collected from you either by card payment on the day itself. Once your test results are negative, they will slip a letter under your door which grants you permission to leave the hotel on the seventh day and allows you to travel inter-district during MCO to reach your place of residence. Your address will be printed on this letter, and you can forward this letter to your family members if they wish to pick you up. They will need to go to go to the police station to get a permit to travel if your hotel is out of range during MCO, and you can also just take a Grab to save the hassle which is what I did.

So that is about all I have to share for now, so do remember to stay safe if and when you are travelling back. In the meantime, if you guys have any questions, you can also leave it in the comment section below and we will get back to you soonest as well.

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