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The Face Shop fmgt Rosy Nude Ink Lasting Cushion Foundation Review + Application

It has been awhile since we have spoken about cushion foundations on this platform, and for some reason, we have a strong feeling that foundation releases will also be making new waves this 2021 as well.

Take for example our topic today which is The Face Shop fmgt Rosy Nude Ink Lasting Cushion Foundation. Retailing at RM109.90, this one is the latest addition to the brand's cushion foundation line and contrary to its previous predecessors from its Ink Lasting Line, this one is suited to our current needs due to the pandemic, where its formulation is mask proof and transfer free.

The Face Shop fmgt Rosy Nude Ink Lasting Cushion Foundation

So to begin, let's talk about the packaging for a bit. This particular cushion comes in a soft matte pastel pink casing and consists of 15g worth of product that can last you around 6-8 months if you are looking at continuous everyday use. Here, the shade match is in V203, but there is also a lighter variation in V201 on the site as well.

Now it is good to note that the Rosy Nude Collection from The Face Shop's fmgt line is limited edition, so the products do come on a first come, first serve basis; but what makes this particular cushion foundation unique from the rest of its previous range is that not only is it mask proof and transfer free, but it is also long lasting and has sun protection of SPF50+ PA+++ as well.

Hence putting it to the wear test, we wore the Rosy Nude Ink Lasting Cushion Foundation out for a solid 8 hours and thus here are some thoughts. First off, upon application, the finish is very effortless and natural which showcases something along the lines of 'your skin but better'. A very light application is needed for the entire face and as this one has a more neutral pink undertone, it gives off a more healthy sheen to the skin which is very nice.

Now wearing it out throughout the day (especially since it was pretty hot and humid as well), we have realised that the longevity of its wear is also pretty good, plus it is also is indeed transfer proof too, as there was literally no foundation on the mask after the 8 hour mark. As for the coverage wise however, it does provide a more natural base comparatively to a more high coverage one, but if you have dry skin, a gentle reapplication might be needed towards the 4-5 hour mark, but other than that, it would be all good.

We should also mention that if you are layering makeup on top of the cushion foundation base, you needn't worry, because on our end where we added on the fmgt line of mono cube eye shadows for eye makeup, plus the blush, highlighter and more, you can see that the products went on beautifully on top of it. The foundation held up great and if anything it made the application of the rest of the makeup go on seamlessly too. Additionally, what was even more surprising is that we didn't even set the face with a good misting spray like we usually do, but the foundation held up well even without it (what's more on a hot day), so we are definitely even more impressed.

So on overall, we have to say we are extremely happy with how the Rosy Nude Ink Lasting Cushion Foundation fared and that it is wonderful that the brand has decided to release this particular product line here and now, especially during a time where transfer proof formulations are greatly appreciated due to the constant wear of masks.

Of course, if you guys would like to know more about the Rosy Nude range, you can head over to The Face Shop's Official Website or Instagram for further details, but in the meantime, in terms of their availability, their line of products are also now available offline in stores and on The Face Shop's e-store as well.

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