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Nescafe Rebrands its Local Coffee Drinks to Kopitiam Series While Unveiling Two New Variants

Alright you guys, Nescafe Ready To Drink brings all things Malaysian with the rebranding of its local coffee drinks to the Nescafe Kopitiam Series and the introduction of two new variants, the Nescafe Kopi-C and Nescafe Kopi Cham.

Now the new Nescafe Kopi Cham is a combination of tea and coffee, where else the Kopi-C has a smoother blend of coffee and milk. Both of these taste really good and in terms of the packaging, the new and vibrant design of the cans showcases an emphasis of heritage; so while its vibe is old school yet trendy, Nescafe strives to connect Malaysians to recreate this reminiscent and thus feel proud of this heritage.

So with that, this existing local coffee range under the Nescafe Kopitiam Series rebrand also includes Nescafe Tarik, Tarik Kaw, Kopi-O, Nescafe White Coffee and Nescafe Ice. Plus. the Nescafe Kopitiam Series will also be available worldwide at all participating retail outlets and also on e-commerce sites as well. In the meantime, for more details and updates, you can check out Nestle Official Website and their Facebook Page too.

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