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Plant Origins by Signature Market Aromatherapy Bluetooth Diffuser Review

If any of you are into Aromatherapy, its time to listen up because Plant Origins by Signature Market has recently released a brand new launch, which is its Plant Origins Aromatherapy Bluetooth Diffuser (500ml). Also, a little backstory to the brand if you don't already know, is that Plant Origins is an eco-friendly brand and it focuses its range on natural home and body care products that are fully plant based with natural fragrances.

Plant Origins Aromatherapy Bluetooth Diffuser (500ml)

Now having used Plant Origins collection of products before, we have to say that we are quite a fan of the brand and what they have to offer. Their essential oils smell incredible and paired with this Bluetooth Diffuser, they create a synergy of soothing scents and relaxation that cleanses the body and mind while easing stress and giving us a good peace of mind for the rest of the day.

Plus with regards to the packaging, this particular diffuser is white which is quite aesthetically pleasing and upon plugging and turning it on, it also gently switches between 8 different color sequences with a dimming and brightening function as well. Also, this product  is quite unique because not only does it work well as a diffuser, but it also works as quite a nice Bluetooth speaker as well. Additionally, with the full amount of water within, this product can also produce mist for up to 13 hours while neutralising dust, dirty particles and more that is out there in the air. 

As for the essential oils that pair well with this, you can definitely have the option of trying the Plant Origins Functional & Starter Kits, and the one that you see above here is the Functional Kit in Calm. Within, you would receive 4 units of 10ml essential oils in an eco-friendly pouch, and they are Palmarosa, Lemongrass, Peace of Mind and Rose Geranium. The main two highlights of this pack that we would highly recommend for sleep would be Peace of Min and Rose Geranium. Two to three drops is all you would need for the diffuser, so once done, simply turn it on and enjoy the relaxation & rejuvenation aspect that it give you for the rest of the day.

Plant Origins also has a Personal Care Travel Kit that contains some of their best selling products too; and which includes a Shampoo (30ml), Conditioning Hair Mask (30ml), Body Wash (30ml) and Hand Soap (30ml). Matching to the brand's essence, each of these have such a lovely scent and gives a very relaxing vibe in their own way.

On overall, this customised experience from Plant Origins is a very enjoyable experience, especially now since most of us are working from home - so for further details on this and more, do head on over to their Official Website for more information.

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