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It has been awhile since we have come across a good vegan matte lipstick, and so when Orkid Cosmetics came across our radar, we were definitely intrigued to give it a go.

Now this particular Matte Suede formulation has been around for a while and while the brand is a local Malaysian cosmetic brand that is halal, 100% cruelty free and vegan, this collection was launched back in 2017 and had around 10 + shades in total. Thus the 4 shades that you see here are the new additions, and with that, comes in the shades Dime, Blush, Vibes and Slay.

So this range currently retail at RM49 each, but Orkid Cosmetics has also included them in as a bundle, where you can get all 4 at RM160. Packaging wise is kept super sleek and the applicator on this is just top notch as well, especially if you are looking for a more precise application on the lips.

Hence it is now time to get down to the formulation. First off, this matte finish goes on the lips very smoothly and does not have any form of sticky residue once it has been layed down (the one that is being worn above is in the shade Dime). The consistency is more like a subtle whipped formulation; something that is very plush yet gentle but comes with high pigmentation.

Here's the kicker when it comes to these shades though. Having personally tested each one throughout the day, we can safely say that these shades have little to no transfer, and can last on the lips a very long time without touch up once it has been dried down. It also has a very comfortable wear and has a moisturising aspect to it which is a bonus too.

Now 3 out of the 4 the shades that you see here has more of a neutral base tone, but that red in Slay is such a beautiful classic color that you simply cannot miss. What was really enjoyed about these shades is that the colors do not bleed, despite being pretty high in pigmentation; so over-lining the lips would not be necessary (you can basically wear it straight out of the tube which is great). However if you would like the option of putting on a balm before application of the lipstick, you definitely can do so too as the formulation of the lipstick would still remain the same.

On overall,  considering the formulation, packaging, price point, shades and more, this collection is definitely one of the best vegan lipsticks we have seen in the beauty market in awhile; and even more so that this is from a local homegrown brand we are proud of from Malaysia. However the main reason why we are thoroughly impressed with the collection is partly because vegan formulations while safe, are not always the easiest to navigate through and work with when it comes to lasting power and pigmentation, so for this release to shine, we are definitely very impressed.

In the meantime, we do hope that you check them out as they are certainly a brand to take note of and if you would like to try them out, do keep in mind that there is free shipping with them with orders above RM100 for West and Ease Malaysia (you can also WhatsApp your order preference to them at +601111637200). As for more details, you can check out their Official Website, their Facebook and Instagram Page as well.

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