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Jewellery Care: Tips for Various Types of Jewellery

Jewellery has long been an integral part of all societies and that isn’t likely to change any time soon. As these beautiful accessories contain precious stones and metals, they are high value pieces and should therefore be given lots of TLC. Here are a few jewellery-care tips to help you keep your collection clean and looking good.

Ring Care 

A cup of warm water with a little mild washing up liquid is the best solution to clean rings. Take a soft-bristle toothbrush and gently brush the head of the ring, taking care around the setting, making sure to get into intricate parts of the ring. Once the ring is clean, rinse it in water then use a soft, dry cloth to remove all moisture. Plain gold or silver bands can be cleaned with a dry cloth and a little metal cleaning cream, rubbing in a circular motion. You could use a Q-Tip rather than cloth if you prefer. If the ring is valuable, make sure to remove it when gardening or washing up or playing sports. If you are looking for bespoke engagement rings London women love to wear, there are bespoke jewellers with a good reputation within the industry.

Avoid Chemicals  

Precious metals and stones should be kept away from chemicals, as they can tarnish the surface and even cause blemishes in diamonds and other stones. You are advised to remove hand jewellery such as bracelets and bangles when washing up. Don’t wear jewellery items when swimming or taking a shower as well. If you work with chemicals, leave the jewellery at home, with perhaps the exception of an engagement or a wedding ring. If you swim in a pool, chlorine can be harmful to jewellery, so you are advised to remove all jewellery prior to entering the water.

Correct Storage 

If you don’t have a jewellery box, this should be on your wish list; a nice antique box with velvet compartments for various jewellery items, which prevents items from touching each other. A Google search will bring up a list of online suppliers and you can easily compare products and prices and with a secure online payment, the product will be packaged and delivered to your door.

Antique Jewellery 

Of course, antique jewellery is very delicate and might require special care. It might be wise to consult with an antique dealer regarding the cleaning of your antique jewellery, as they would know the best way to clean such items. Immersion in mild soapy water is a safe way to clean an old piece of jewellery, then rinse with water and dry carefully. Always store valuable jewellery in a safe place. Don’t leave it on your bedside cabinet, just to be on the safe side.

Creating a jewellery collection can take many years. With the right care and attention, the collection will become very valuable, and you will have many fine accessories to enhance your look. If a special occasion is looming and you would like to present your partner with a custom-made diamond engagement ring, talk to a leading custom jeweller who has all the solutions.

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