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UNIQLO Launches its LIFEWEAR 2022 Spring/Summer Collection

Alright you guys, UNIQLO has officially dropped their brand new Lifewear 2022 Spring/Summer Collection and with this the brand has pulled its focus on the simple joys that come to life when people and clothes find each other with the seasons. Clothing that is basically accessible to everyone and brimming with joy, LifeWear from UNIQLO is made to fit your everyday and enrich your way of life.

For this, UNIQLO has done this in 4 segmented themes which will be listed below and if you would like to know more about it, you can also head on over to their Official Website as well.

The Joys of Skyline: Redefining Urban Styling

Clean casual outfits that look great at work and during down time. An apparel that is modern, comfortable and fun to wear.

The Joys of Landscape: Feeling at One With Nature

Spending time off in the great outdoors is vital to recharge both the mind and body and for this you need functional apparel for walking, cycling, and other activities, and UNIQLO offers colors and textures that blend in with the scenery so you feel atone with nature.

The Joys of Imagination: Inspiring Functional Beauty  

Art and sophisticated designs that stir the imagination offer insights for more comfortable and fulfilling living. Vibrant, uplifting colors and the functional beauty of good design are essential for apparel that is stylish and offers ease of movement. The arts inspire garments for healthy, active lifestyles.

The Joys of Sun and Seaside: Feeling the Breeze  

UNIQLO offers sun pretentious outfits in natural textures for simple living in the summer sun or after sunset on the beach. Linen items that drape effortlessly over the skin and dresses that are soft to the touch keep you comfortable and feeling free in sea breezes.

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