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A Tablet for All Careers: Empowering Interesting Jobs with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

Have you ever wished you could turn your passion into a career? Today’s youth are eager to forge new career paths for themselves in pursuit of purpose, passion, and flexibility. Technology has played a major role in this development, opening the door to unlimited possibilities by affording this next generation workforce the power and autonomy to make their work truly their own. Today, we spotlight three individuals who have taken the path less travelled, and the role played by the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra in boosting productivity and optimising their work experiences across a range of interesting and unconventional career paths.

Dissecting Lives Through Handwriting

What if there was a way to look into a person’s soul without even having to speak to them? Enter the world of graphology with handwriting expert Siti Sulianah, an adept at gleaning insight into personality through the analysis of handwriting traits such as strokes, pressure and spaces.   What started off as a means of conflict resolution between friends in her youth soon grew into a calling for Sulianah, who today puts her skills to use in a professional capacity at her self-founded graphology company. On top of handwriting analysis, Sulianah provides graphotherapy services—conscious alteration to handwriting to effect desired change in personality.

The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, with its super-fast 4nm processor and smoothest S Pen yet, not only replicates but elevates the pen-and-paper experience. “I’m very impressed with the S Pen, which is extremely sharp in capturing tiny handwriting details that would require a magnifying glass to examine if they were written on paper,” shared Sulianah. The multi-screen functionality of the tablet also greatly streamlines her analysis process, as annotations and note-taking can be done concurrently and housed within the same device, with minimal disruption to workflow. In addition, graphotherapy consultations are made more effective with live S Pen demonstrations via video call, as compared to static image references in the past.

Bees in Need

Drizzled on pancakes or stirred into tea, honey has a way of making every sweet treat a little more delectable. For most, however, the first thought that comes to mind upon seeing a beehive is to call for pest control. This is where bee rescuer Xavier Tan hopes to shift the conversation away from bee extermination, and instead towards humane methods of bee removal.   

An animal lover from a young age, Xavier grew to understand the importance of bees as a keystone species, without which the ecosystem would drastically change for the worse. He thus went on to establish a bee rescue organisation with the mission of saving the bees through conservation and educational efforts. On top of bee relocation to their gardens, the group is actively involved in raising awareness on beekeeping practices as well as methods of peaceful co-existence.

A powerful all-in-one device with a 12.4” Super AMOLED screen, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is a device Xavier never finds himself without when out on bee rescue missions. Before, during and after shots of these missions are captured with the tablet’s powerful camera, and then transformed into informative video content using the tablet’s in-built video-editing functions. “The large display size of the tablet allows me to share my content clearly and effectively with clients and visitors,” shared Xavier.

Let’s Talk… to Your Pets

Have you ever wished you knew exactly what was going on in the head of your furry friend? For Ezekiel Ong, this tacit and intimate understanding of animals forms the basis of his work at his self-founded animal communications company, where he receives, interprets, and relays information from pets to their owners.   

His first foray into the field of animal communication was driven by the need to bid a final farewell to his beloved pet that passed on. Today, Ezekiel strives to help others better understand their pets by acting as a bridge between the two. His work includes helping owners find out more about their pets’ behaviour and well-being, getting in touch with pets who have passed on, and conducting animal communication workshops.

The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra greatly optimises Ezekiel’s pet consultation process through the computerisation of handwritten and typewritten notes enabled by its S Pen and magnetically attached keyboard respectively. Video calls with overseas clients also go off without a hitch thanks to the tablet’s powerful processor, and stunning video and audio quality. “The tablet also allows me to carry notes and course materials around with ease, combined with a long battery life that makes lessons very efficient,” shared Ezekiel.   

Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life. Though the adage rings true, pursuing the path less travelled is equal parts exciting and daunting, and requires a tenacity and strength of will exemplified by Sulianah, Xavier and Ezekiel. If you’re looking to turn your passion into a profession, why not unlock your fullest potential with the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra?

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