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Samsung Galaxy Takes the Center Stage with Hands-on Nightography Experience

As life returns to normal, more people are gradually returning to malls, bringing with them a need for some well-earned retail therapy – you’d be happy to hear this! Happening from 11 May onwards, Samsung’s Galaxy Stage will be taking the center stage of the malls at 3 major cities, featuring some of the brand’s finest line-ups, including the Galaxy S22 Series, Galaxy Tab S8 Series and Galaxy Wearables.   The Samsung Galaxy Stage Roadshow will take place at Mid Valley Megamall from 11th to 15th May, followed by Gurney Plaza in Penang from 18th to 22nd May and finally, Mid Valley Southkey in Johor Bahru from 25th to 29th May 2022.

Combining flair and practicality, visitors may enjoy unique roadshow offers while experiencing each category of Samsung products at the different immersive zones set up at the site. And if you’re not currently a customer, but are curious, you’re definitely still invited to join us.   

While visiting, snap away at our four artistically curated experiential space and experience how the Galaxy S22 Series light up your shots. In this way, Samsung is able to demonstrate without many words, what is presently achievable out of pocket in terms of video and photo technology with the right smartphone, while remaining true to the lifestyle of Generation MZ, the digital natives who are driven by their need to express themselves in creative ways.

Additionally, if you make a purchase at the roadshow or sign up to the Galaxy Masterclass, you will be in for a cool treat with a free Inside Scoop ice cream from the Desert Bar. MAMEE is also offering free MAMEE packs to all visitors at the Night in the Park booth!   

As creators, Gen MZ values the product they choose, thus, Samsung brings its innovations to a whole new level with its many advancements including its camera capabilities. Thus, you can look forward to Galaxy Masterclass which includes a line-up of photography and videography workshops by professional photographers and filmmakers; Photography – Tian Chad, Azizi Musa, Pojiegraphy and Videography – Joshua Se, Jin Lim and Laura Low.   

We highly encourage fans or anyone new to Samsung to explore the Galaxy Masterclass which shares on Galaxy X Google to unlock the full potential of these smartphones. With the mixing and matching of a variety of Samsung and Google features, it could potentially make the Galaxy S22 the best all-around phone of 2022! Galaxy fans visiting us at the Galaxy Stage roadshow will not only get to experience the fun that comes with the Galaxy S22 Series versatile cameras, but also get to shoot, edit and showcase your photographs at the Galaxy Tour, led by a photo expert on-site to help you develop your skills and get you closer to that perfect shot. 

You can expect to learn about all technical elements of photography, the more creative composition parts, as well as post-production. We’re also offering a variety of exclusive deals and promotions at participating counters at the Galaxy Stage roadshow, so you can choose which deal suits you best. Not to mention, up for grabs are Limited Edition Straps featuring famous brands: Air Asia, Inside Scoop and MAMEE[1], that come with the Galaxy Silicone Cover. So check it out and head on down to the mall soonest.

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