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Samsung S22 Ultra | Hands On Review

Alright you guys, it is time to take a first look at the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, and since I was going about my garden today, I decided to bring it along with me to test out both its features and photography qualities.

Now the Samsung S22 Ultra is known for its camera capabilities, but before we begin there, let's talk a little about some of its other aspects that stand out. So first off, let's talk about its high resolution design. The S22 Ultra has a 6.8-inch screen that offers not only brilliant colors but smooth motion and peak brightness as well; an integrated light S pen, along with a sleek and smooth, premium build quality surface on the back that carries its quad-camera set up.

Additionally, with all these features, the battery life is also great. It can last for more than a day after a single charge, and this includes active use, camera time, switching in between apps, listening to Spotify, watching Netflix and more. However do take note that if you were to increase the resolution of its display, it may reduce its on screen time by about an hour, but other than that, its stands pretty well on its own which is impressive.

The S-Pen

Next, let's talk about the S Pen. This inclusion for the Samsung S22 Ultra delighted many for the phone has designed several customisations to the software to include the S Pen stylus. This applies to its handwriting recognition for jotting down notes, marking documents, screenshots, translation and various screen writing tools.

We should also mention that retrieving the S-Pen is pretty simple as well as all you would need to do it to give it a quick press at the end, and it should pop right out. It has a faster response time when using it to write on the screen and also has a good grip coating that makes it easier to hold which is nice.

The Camera

Now this is where the boundaries get pushed with the S22 Ultra, as Samsung has elevated its camera experience with a 108 MP main, a 12MP ultra wide, a 10MP 3x Optical Telephoto and a 10MP 10x optical telephoto lens for the phone. We should also mention that there is also a 40MP selfie camera on the front as well as the rear at 8K and front at 4K video capture resolutions.

This aspect definitely powers up the S22 Ultra quite a bit, plus it also has the Qualomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 that has an upgraded image signal processor that gives more raw detailing to its photographs. This applies greatly to its new Night Mode as well as it gives its visuals clean and sharp focus, together with more color and vibrancy.

As you can see from the visuals taken along with its design and features, Samsung has done a great job with the Samsung S22 Ultra. From its specs, S-Pen, camera and more, it definitely packs a punch in terms of its functionality - and all in all, it is  definitely a great phone that gives a wonderful user experience. So to know about its retail, features and more, you can check it out here as well.

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  1. The Samsung Note series is one of the most favorites of mine. The pen comes in handy in many ways. Though I use an S22 Ultra it is also one of the best flagship phones of Samsung. The availability of accessories is the best part. You can find almost everything for your Samsung. Recently, I found an s22 ultra wood case and I made a customized offer. It looks so aesthetic on my phone.


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