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Sena Pre-Cleanse Treatment Review | Worth The Hype?

At the start of 2022, we were introduced to our local homegrown brand SENA, which is an Artisan Line of Natural that was founded in the early 2018. The brand is known for their best selling 100% Premium Pre-Cleanse Treatment that is suitable for hair, beard, eyelash and eyebrows, and the product is made with natural ingredients, has zero nasties, not tested on animals and is vegan friendly.

As you can see, there are two sizes here; which are in 10ml and in 50ml. So if you are a first time user to SENA, you can always have the option of selecting the 10ml first, try it out, and later when it works well, you can thus proceed to the 50ml one.

Now having tried this product for well over 5 months now; (also started with the 10ml and later moved on to the 50ml bottle), we can safely say that this products works extremely well; especially so for those who struggle with hair loss, have thinning hair or have dry and damaged strands. Personally on our end, we were looking for a product that promotes healthy hair growth, and with this, we feel that it has definitely hit its mark.

How do we use the SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment?

Now as you can see, the SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment comes with a transparent dropper, and this is a very hygienic way to dispense the product out onto the palm of your hand or onto your scalp as well. We usually would go a few drops at certain areas of the scalp and massage the formula in for 5 minutes from the scalp all the way to the tip of your hair (it gives a very nice sensation to the scalp when you do so) and wait for an hour for the formula to settle in. Once complete, we would shampoo the hair as per usual and give it a nice rinse and you would thus be done. You can also use this as an overnight treatment and wash it the next day as well.

However a few things to note when you do use this is that because this product is naturally derived, there would be a rather strong herbal scent upon use due to its ingredients which is completely normal. So all you would need to do is to double cleanse and condition the hair and the scent would be removed.

Additionally, if you were to find the liquid inside your bottle solidifying when it is supposed to be clear like the above, no worries as well because this tends to happen (especially to the cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil) due to the change of room temperature as the ingredients are naturally extracted and have no preservatives. So to ensure it goes back clear, all you would need to do is to close the bottle tightly, submerge the bottle inside hot water for 5 minutes, and the liquid will become clear once again. 

All in all, we have really enjoyed using the SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment and will go back to repurchasing it once our bottle is finished. Visible results could be seen within the first two weeks and even healthy hair growth was quite visible within the first month too. So if you are interested to check it out, do head on over to their Official Website for more details.

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