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Affordable Beauty with Lemooc | Review

Recently there have been a lot of new beauty brands popping up on our radar, and one of the brands that caught our eye is Lemooc. Now if you are unfamiliar with this beauty brand, Lemooc is a beauty brand from China that is very beginner friendly to those who are just starting with makeup. They have quite a variety of products too, all within an affordable price range - and below we are going to be talking about some of them for reference.

Lemooc Beauty Matte Max Foundation

This little beauty is a very Summer Friendly foundation, and what we mean by that is that it blends in beautifully - no muss, no fuss, has good coverage, non sticky and is waterproof and sweat proof. We did do a try on for the consistency on TikTok at @shivbcreates, and we were pleasantly surprised to see how well it held up along with its effortless finish which looked really lovely on the skin. We sort of expected it to look a little dry or cakey after a good few hours wear due to its matte formulation, but to our surprise the foundation lasted wonderfully with no issues at all.

Lemooc Lip Gloss

For this particular gloss, we enjoyed using this as a multi-purpose product, one that can be used as not only a lip product but also as a blush. There is something about this formulation that gives smooth blendability which we enjoyed and using them as both were pretty seamless as well. Got to say that we really liked this one.

Waterproof and Sweatproof Eyebrow Cream

Now let's talk about this final one. As you can see from what the product is, this eyebrow cream is interesting in a sense that its application is not a conventional one. Most brow products come with a spooly or even a brow applicator, but this one came in a tube which not only is its formulation waterproof, but is said to be long lasting and non-smudge proof.

So while all these claims about the brow product were quite high on expectation, the best way we would suggest to apply this would be with a good eyebrow brush. The formulation does apply on quite nicely and it doesn't go too overly thick over the brows either. You would be able to spread the formulation out well and if you go in with a spooly, the distribution would be more even which gives the brows a nice feathery effect.

All in all, we have to say that we thoroughly enjoyed all the 3 products we tried from Lemooc and understandably with new products that we come across, a lot of things can be a hit and a miss, but with this one, we have to say that all of them in their own way were hits to us. The brand is now available on Lazada, so definitely check them out when you can.

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